The Correct Beetle Generator

The Correct '67 Beetle GeneratorYou may or may not know this, but the original 12v generator on your ’67 Beetle is a one year only part. Often times, this item is replaced with an aftermarket unit that does not have the correct push on terminals. Amazingly, I recently acquired 3 of these from Germany.

The correct part numbers:
Bosch: 101 302 067
VW: 211 903 031

I believe there are a few variations in the part numbers. Feel free to comment below, if you have more information to support this.

I may consider selling. Do contact me if you’re interested. Let’s take a closer look.

On the top, you’ll see the correct push on terminals. The incorrect version of this would have the pole style. Most ’67 Beetles I’ve seen over the years have the wrong generator. I’m not sure the reason for this, as a generator can be rebuilt. It’s sad to think about how many original German parts are siting in landfills.

The Correct '67 Beetle Generator
The Correct '67 Beetle Generator The Correct '67 Beetle Generator

I love original German parts!

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. This awesome Eric! My question for you is about the Mr. Bubblehead license plate frames, do you have a price yet? I signed your list. ; )

    1. You’re welcome. We’re still trying to source. You’ll get an email as soon as we have them.

      1. Awesome, thanks Eric.

  2. Eric, if you consider selling one of the generators, could you contact me? Thanks, Sam

  3. John M. Poirier March 7, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Eric, you’re killin’ me here! Just when I think my ’67 is pretty straight, you highlight an original part that I don’t have. My generator has the posts, my distributor’s been changed out, and where I turn the key to start the car is where the emergency flasher knob should be (though I have seen others the same way). It’s come to the point where I’m compelled to check the Title and registration just to be sure I really own a ’67!

    1. John. Sorry, bud! It took me over 10 years to piece my ’67 back together. Luckily, my generator is original to the car.

    2. Hello, John…If you have doubts about your car…be sure to check not only the title but the VIN beneath the back seat (stamped into the chassis by the tunnel inspection plate) and the VIN aluminum tag behind the spare tire. Both of these should be the same and should match the VIN on the title. You could send a photo of your dash to Eric, if that would help to verify things. It is amazing how much these cars get altered over the years. It’s as though people lie awake at nights, thinking of ways to change them. You know what–they actually do! NOT LOL! jay

  4. Eric,

    I may interested in a generator as well. Thanks for all you do for the ’67 Bug community!

    1. Thanks, guys. Email me directly.

  5. Volkswagen would appear to be the culprit (and Bosch) in why so many 1967’s had/have a different generator. Yes, one could take their correct part number generator to a private rebuilder and receive the same one back, many have and did, I being one. If one took their ailing generator to Volkswagen Dealership for an exchange unit, they would/could leave with a rebuilt generator carrying a variety of original part numbers. From Volkswagen/Audi Catalog Exchange Service 1978 there are 5 generator part numbers accepted including 211 903 031 and one exchange part number returned 113 903 031 PX. All 12 volts, all 105 MM’S, all partially suppressed, basically same generator. but still different. If one was lucky to receive an original 211 903 031 as exchange 031 PX, then the electrical hookups were be same, otherwise one had to perhaps utilize a different electrical connection. Each generator other than 031 carried a different Bosch number. Then also in times past there was the Bosch rebuilt 031 EX marked as GR 15X which would have been correct. The 2000 Bosch remanufactured Alternator/Starter catalog lists GR-15N for Beetle 1967-1969 which covers 3 years, something will be different from 1967 original. For those who appreciate keeping it original, as Jay has advised on several items, look for the parts at swap meets, junk yards, garage sales, etc. buy a 211 903 031 and have it rebuilt by a reputable electrical type-NOS ones are few and far between/RARE.

    1. Great information, Quinn!

  6. Interesting regarding the 1967 generator. The one pictured is for 1967 but it was also manufactured with the same connector for late 1966 with a 6 volt setup. It is not easy to find this one but I did and plan to rebuild it after cleaning and painting and etc. Generator Bosch number 101 302 061. The more common one for 67 , 12 volt is 101 302 067 and 101 302 075.

  7. I was lucky enough to source the correct replacement already rebuilt allowing me to keep my original worn core as a future back up. If I hadn’t found one I had already decided I would not go full neurotic over having to simply change the way the wires connect to a very suitable close cousin of an original part. Perspective, folks…perspective.

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