It Comes in 7 Colors

The '67 Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

One thing we get a TON of emails about here at is color combinations. It seems everyone wants to know what the correct combo is for their vintage pride and joy.

The ’67 Beetle comes in 7 colors. You can download this factory literature below if you’d like. It was submitted by fellow VW enthusiast Jody Sauvageau.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — It Comes in 7 Colors

'67 Beetle Colors

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started Air-Cooled Artifacts (previously, and Lane Russell). I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. convertibles came in yukon yellow also.

    1. Very true! I guess this information is focused on the Sedan.

  2. Yes, one could get a 67 convertible in any of the above colors, but Yukon Yellow(L19K) was strictly reserved for the ‘verts. Also, this brochure is USA only sedans, as Fontana Grey(L595) was a 67 color for markets other than USA. Just another fun fact for the site.

  3. cool!

    1. Cool, 7 different colors. :)

  4. Great addition to this article. Thanks for mentioning again.

  5. Can you tell me what the script is below Savannah Beige? Thanks for the color combos… facts!

    1. Sure!
      “Paint and upholstery options can change without notice.”

      1. Also, I just fixed the back end where the images are able to scale up. If you click, you can see a more detailed view.

  6. My thanks to you, Jody, and Eric, for collaborating to bring us solid information about the colors. It’s difficult to muddle through all of the information “out there”. Thanks, Fellows, for taking the time and expertise to do this! jay

    1. Jay,
      I’d say you guys get the biggest thanks. would not be where it is without your contributions.

  7. Art Augustensen January 20, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Hi where are the color codes placed from the factory on the 67 beetle

  8. I’ve got a VW Blue but interior right now is black. Can anyone confirm if certain colors had specific interior. I see mostly ivory white for VW Blue and want to try and restore to original as I can. Also what about headliner, ivory as well? Thanks

  9. Hi I’m redoing my sun roof cable can any one tell me how to install these cables so the sun roof closes the right way I try the web but couldn’t find any thing on it or even jbugs has nothing I got the cables from jbugs and the person tells me I’m on my own, so that’s why I am turning to you people for any type of help, thanks


    1. Hello, Ed…See if this Article will help you: I hope that it does. I think that this Article may help you to get in touch with other Sunroof Owners. Also, you can contact the Technical Department at the following: jay

  10. Does this mean that specific exterior colors could ONLY be ordered with interior colors across the list from them? For example, could a sedan by ordered with Lotus White paint but India Red interior? I’ve seen nearly all white ’67s with black interior. I’m hoping this was an option as I love the white/red combination. If it were only available white/black, that will be a tough decision! Special thanks for the running board color info!

    1. Hello, Joe…Volkswagen was all about “economy”. I seriously doubt that there was much room for variations for the Beetle Sedans.
      Convertibles, on the other hand, were manufactured at a separate location. They came, routinely in only a VERY few colors-BUT–THEY could be ordered through the Dealerships with variant colors (which I suppose predicated a matching interior). Tourists in Germany could make some personalizations , I believe. We would need to inquire of people who worked at US Dealerships to learn about variant color schemes. There must have been SOME variations because we see that some of the Sedans came with variations of interiors (although they “matched” the standard exterior colors). Good questions, Joe. jay

    2. Joe…Here is a reply from David Brown (now retired VW Trained Technician) concerning Color Combinations: “My VW Parts Book, under “Color Combinations” lists the available interior colors available with each exterior color. Some models have only one choice but most have two or three available interior colors listed plus a separate color choice for Cloth Upholstery. Cloth Upholstery was available for most exterior colors but it was rare to find one in stock at Dealerships. For instance 1967 Color Savanna Beige gave a choice of Gazelle or Black plus Platinum Pattern for Cloth. Black had a choice of Indian Red, Platinum , Gazelle or Platinum Pattern Cloth. VW Blue had but one choice : Platinum, or Platinum Pattern for Cloth. Yes, Lotus White could be had with an Indian Red Interior. Also Black as well as Gazelle in Leatherette or Cloth. Dealers would swap cars with other dealers for combinations not in their stock. I have never heard of any special combinations made by Dealers themselves although it may have been a possibility. Some combinations could be ordered from the Factory if the customer wished to wait for delivery, a wait of at least a few months. I don’t know if VW would under any conditions make for instance a Java Green exterior with an Indian Red Interior. On the other hand, since we are talking Beetles here, swapping Interiors of new Beetles at the Dealership was possible. Changing the Seats, Door Panels and 1/4 Panels between two cars might be done in an hour or less. I don’t recall seeing this done at any of the Dealers that I worked at. A customer could not order a Beetle “any way he wanted”, but VW Dealers would try to accommodate customer wishes if possible. They seemed, however, to discourage special Factory orders.”

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