Month: November 2014

SOLD – L282 Lotus White Euro ’67 Beetle

Just listed  here at for good friend Chris Vallone. This is a bit more rare L282 Lotus White Euro ’67 Beetle, just waiting for someone to hop in, turn the key and enjoy. Info

SOLD – L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

Just listed for sale here at This is a 100% original L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle, just waiting for someone to take it home. It does not get much better than this. Info from the

Bernard Helman’s L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Huge kudos to my very good friend Jay Salser for his editing on this article. It was crafted by Bernard Helman in his own words. Our growth has been amazing, and the fact that these

Buying Your Dream Car

If you have been reading for a while, you probably have seen my article entitled: Buying Strategies. While I definitely will touch on points which I used in that article, the focus of this

Pan Off Restorations

We receive a good bit of emails here at about the pan off restoration process. Yes it’s a lot of work, but can even be done at home. (With the right tools and knowledge)