Month: May 2014

SOLD — L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Vert

Sent over by a reader of, this L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Vert appears to be a solid car. Sure, there are a few aftermarket items here and there, however, it would not take much to

SOLD — L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

Jaime Muñana sent over this L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle to It’s owned by Donovan Trump in Nanaimo, BC. It is a numbers matching ’67, has the original owners manual, maintenance records, original engine, transmission and 105,920 original

Raising the Rear

This article was submitted by reader and ’67 enthusiast Ron Waller. Thank you very much for your contributions to I looked all over, and found many articles about where to place jack stands after you’ve

Fuel Filters

This article was a collaboration between Jay Salser and Eric Shoemaker. As always, thank you Jay for all the contributions to Your knowledge of these cars continues to amaze ’67 owners around the world.

Becky Koski’s L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Becky Koski is one happy new ’67 Beetle owner. She scored this beautiful L639 Zenith Blue gem; a true survivor. This moment was sent over shortly after signing the paperwork, and closing the deal. I’m