Month: February 2013

Engine Lid Latch Dust Cover

Ok, so you think that your ’67 Beetle has all of the specific ’67 one year only parts? Think again. Open your engine lid and look up at the engine lid latch. Is there a

SOLD — L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle

Spotted on eBay, this L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle is in very respectable condition and has 49,969 original miles. I love seeing all the correct German metal in place, the way diejenigen Deutschen (those Germans)

Vintage VW Rock And Roll All Night

As everyone probably knows by now, I own my Grandfather’s very original L620 savanna beige ’67 Beetle. Bill Treadway neighbored my family when I was a child. Just recently, he found me because of

The Shot Heard “Round the World

The year was 1967. Car makers were tooling in secret for their biggest year ever. Even today, those names send shivers down the spines of the most brawny of men! Names such as Shelby GT

Hella SB12 Headlight Ring

The Hella SB12 headlight ring is one of those pesky ’67 only parts that didn’t even make it onto all ’67’s. Only some ’67 Beetles (and Type III’s) have stamped into the top of the