Month: February 2013

West Coast Classic VW Restoration

As takes a deeper look into the archives, it is time to shine a bright light once again at one of the best in the business; Lenny Copp of West Coast Classic Restoration. A

Greg Minuskin’s L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Greg Minuskin recently reached out to to take a look at a ’67 Beetle he was considering purchasing. As it turns out, it’s a numbers matching L282 lotus white sunroof. After looking at a few

SOLD — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Just spotted on eBay, this L282 lotus white ’67 Beetle is a one owner car, just what we like to see here at “I pulled this out of a barn where it was sitting

Price List

It seems 1967 was a simple time. One thing is for sure, the ’67 Volkswagen Beetle was sure less expensive than today’s modern cars. I think a recent quote from Lenny Copp of WCCR sums

30 PICT-1

We receive a lot of emails here at about the proper carburetor for the ’67 Beetle. Don’t be fooled by those Solex “clones” that are stamped “Bocar.” My preference has always been the real