Month: May 2012

Eric Shoemaker’s Vintage Volkswagen Story

Hi. I’m Eric Shoemaker. I created and manage Amanda Shoemaker helps with programming, photography, and writing. Timm Eubanks is a contributing photographer, along with Jay Salser who’s a huge influence on the ’67 Beetle community. Many other

VIN Information

Thanks, readers, for all the feedback about yesterday’s South African classified. As I suspected, the ad was a later model vintage Volkswagen. Many emails were exchanged, and I decided to pull the listing. Accidents, mistakes

Recreated VW Logo Specifications

I ran across a fantastic article awhile back from Graham Smith about the recreation of vintage VW logo specifications. Graham was kind enough to have his information and talents showcased with Being a visual

Vintage VW Literature

Here is a bit of vintage Volkswagen literature I’ve enjoyed over the years. Some of these are original copies my grandfather bought back in the 60s and 70s. All highly recommended. Volkswagen 1949-71 (Chilton’s Repair

’67 Front Fenders

I received the email below from a fellow VW enthusiast in regards to German ’67 front fenders. I recently was able to find a pair myself and know it can take some time to find