For Sale — ’67 Volkswagen Beetle YOM Window Display Decal

For Sale — NOS '67 Beetle YOM Window Display Decal

How many times have you been asked, “what year is that vintage Volkswagen?”

This YOM window display decal mounts inside the glass of your vintage pride and joy. Let the world know you’re proudly driving a 1967 BeetleQuantities are limited.

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For Sale — NOS '67 Beetle YOM Window Display Decal

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

12 thoughts on “For Sale — ’67 Volkswagen Beetle YOM Window Display Decal

  1. Love this! I have the Carl’s Jr “62″ for my 62 Beetle that I place in the window at shows. So funny to see dads who don’t really know what yr it is talking to their family. You see them spot that “62″ in the window and say, ” nice 62″ or if someone in the Fam asks, what year is this, they proudly say confidently, “1962″. Thx Eric you are making a lot of dads look smarter than they are and God knows, we need it sometimes! :-)

    • Timm,
      Thanks! It’s really cool to see the interest with the ’67 Beetle. These cars are still out there and I plan on finding all of them. These are really cool decals and I’m happy to have found them.

    • From my research, it was something you could purchase at any VW dealership up until around 1976. Also, VW shops had them. I asked my Dad the same thing. It’s a really cool find. Now that has a bit of a following, I get contacted all the time with interesting items. Just today, someone showed me a NOS Sapphire V ’67 radio, still in the BOX!

  2. I finally had a chance to clean the inside of my rear windshield, scrubbing it really well, then drying with a towel. With my old hands, it was a bit tricky, but I got my 1967 Decal centered and affixed. It looks great! Thanks, Eric, for digging around and coming up with these wonderful reproductions! jay!

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