’67 Beetle Fiberboard Wiring Cover

Our friends at Wolfsburg West have done it again with this quality fiberboard wiring cover.

“Attention to detail is the key ingredient for swooning the hearts of VW car show judges. The more detail you add, the better the chances of grabbing that coveted best-of-show trophy. Our new Beetle fiberboard wiring cover is a perfect item to catch the eyes of all that gaze upon it.

No longer will you have to keep the hood of your Beetle closed in fear of somebody catching a glimpse of that nasty, ugly, black pebble-finished plastic wiring cover under your hood. With our new fiberboard wiring cover, you’ll leave the competition in the dust. Features include correctly adorned metal reinforcement grommets, proper texture, and painted in matte finish black coating. Made by Wolfsburg West.”

It fits from ’56-’67 Beetles. A huge thanks again to Wolfsburg West for their dedication to our hobby. The part number is: 113863515B.

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I founded and curate 1967beetle.com. I also co-founded Lane Russell with my wife Amanda. I drive a '67 Beetle daily, and love to share stories with the world.



about 1 year ago

Hi Eric, I have a '67 beetle. The driver side sun visor clip broke. It's not the stem, but it's where you clip it in place. Would you know where I can find this small part. I live in SF.


Eric Shoemaker

about 1 year ago

Joe, No worries. Wolfsburg West has what you need. Ps, I live in the East Bay.


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