’67 VW Sapphire V Radio Information

Not a week goes by without an email asking for knowledge of the ’67 Sapphire V AM radio, the one year only black saftey knobs, etc. I was in the process of documenting this information and ran across Rich Langenwalter’s research. It seems he’s already done most of the work.

This article documents Sapphire I thru VI radios manufactured between 1960 and 1967.  I’ve gathered Sapphire information over the past ten years collecting and repairing VW radios.  Much of this history was learned from Sam’s Photofact Auto Radio Series publications.  Sam’s AR has a multiple page description including electronic schematic, part numbers, alignment instructions and a B/W radio picture.  The series is a valuable source for radio model numbers, manufacturing dates, original knobs, face plates and installation parts for these radios.”

’67 Model Year; Sapphire V AM 12 volt
The Sapphire V was produced by Bendix and Motorola in the ’67 model year. The radios are 12V to accommodate the model year’s voltage change to 12V. This one year only radio has similar accessories as ’66. Pictures of the early Sapphire V radios show the ’66 chrome knob. Pictures of later radios show the ‘67 black rubber knobs…advertised as a safety feature to lessen injury when hitting the dash.”

Thanks Rich for this fantastic resource.

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Todd Sloan

about 3 years ago

Great comments and information on the Saphire radios. Is there anyone out there that specializes in the repair or maintenance of them. Toms Radio in Washington State is the only one I know of that works on old car radios. I would like to consider anyone that knows this particular brand specifically.


Karl Jones

about 3 years ago

I was going to ask the same thing. Are there other folks?



about 3 years ago

Hey guys, Yes, in fact I do know someone. Russ Keller I believe does some work on the side. He restored my radio for me when I was putting it back in my own '67. His contact info is. rkeller@waterreclaim.com Tell him I sent you if you do in fact reach out.


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