’67 Volkswagen Beetle — A Quiz

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Now and then, we like to try some new things here at 1967beetle.com. Below is a ’67 Beetle quiz. Know the answer? If so, you’ll get 25% off in the 1967beetle.com boutique store. The first person to chime in correctly below wins. (You’ll be notified and receive a special coupon code) Good luck.

Sarah arrived at the office a little late. Since she was such a stickler for arriving on time, her colleague asked the reason for the delay.

Sarah explained that when she opened the garage and got into “Schultz”, her ’67 Beetle to go to work… the battery was stone dead.

After glancing from the window and seeing Sarah’s Volkswagen in the parking lot, her buddy began to quiz Sarah about how she had managed to start the car.

I must tell you that Sarah could never have push-started her car because she and her husband live at the bottom of a hill.

As well, her husband already had left for work. To make things worse, she had no spare battery or battery charger.

How did Sarah start her car?

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Hello, I'm Jay Salser...

I’ve been driving and working on VWs for over 37 years. In fact, I raised my family in these cars. Now, I’m 75 years old and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been my favorite year.

40 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — A Quiz

  1. Maybe she had a rope-start generator pulley. I don’t know if VW or somebody else made them, but they were similar to old style lawnmowers before retractable ropes were developed.

  2. Ignition on, put in third, just jack up one rear wheel, and twist clockwise.
    She’ll fire right up. Remember to put in neutral before lowering jack as that wheel is turning.

  3. I agree with jacking up on of the back tires and using a rope (be sure to put something under the tires so the car won’t move).

    I also wonder if you could use a 12V battery?

    • Hi, Charlie…Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t have a spare battery. I know that she gladly would have used it had one been available! LOL

      Thanks for commenting!


      • lol! yes a spare car battery would be great. I meant a 9V household battery or maybe a camp battery to give enough of a spark. I have never tried it.

  4. In regards to “twisting the wheel,” I would grasp the rear wheel, that is up in the air, and give it a sharp “twist/spin” clockwise. The engine should start right up. I guess if you twist or spun counter-clockwise it would start in reverse. Personally I would never do this. My Beetle would zip off down the street and have an affaire with that 356 two blocks away.

    • Good morning, Mike…

      You are very funny! LOL But…who knows…maybe that’s the way the Karmann Ghia came about. You know the Beetle having an affair with a 356!

      The “jury” is still out on the starting of Sarah’s ’67 Bug.


    • Hi, Doug…

      No one has given the specifics that would start Sarah’s car. We’ve seen some “hints” in the right direction. I think that the tendency is to become too creative. LOL

      Think about it a bit.


  5. She went to pull out the back seat and look at the battery when she noticed that the terminals were corroded and/or loose. So she cleaned/tightened them and off she went.

  6. “Schultz” went out drinking with the 911 twins the night before and they ran down the battery listening to oldies on the Sapphire V. After a little rest, and sobering up, enough charge came back into the battery for one quick pop. Since the car had all German parts, supplied by ’67 Beetle sponsors, he started right up.

  7. Ok how about she took off the fan belt, then put a socket in a drill and charged the battery by running the dynamo alternator on the drill for say 15mins. Belt back on and away you go.
    Do I win?

    • Him, Matthew…

      I am loving these comments and possible solutions! The People of the Volkswagen Community are the most ingenious People in the World! That’s how these cars have stayed alive for so long. After all–they ARE the Peoples’ Cars!

      There is a pretty simple solution to this Quiz. It just takes some thought.


      • I’d agree with Jay on this. Also, it’s fun to see so many people interact and become curious about the solution.

        The winner will be announced tomorrow. Until then, let’s keep the possible solutions coming!

  8. I keep coming back to the rear wheel… If you jack up one of the back rear wheels, turn the ignition on and put the car in 2nd or third gear and spin the wheel really fast that should start the car, right?

  9. We had to do it that way once around 1973. It worked great. Also, one time I had a couple of friends just push me a few feet and I “popped” the car into gear in third. That also worked out quite well.

  10. Hi, Kevin…That’s what friends are for! To give you the push to get started–in your case, literally! LOL. jay

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