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I want to thank everyone who has sent prayers and good wishes to me during my convalescence. I saw the surgeon this week and all the “mechanical” items related to the knee look good. I have been fitted with a “cyborg” leg brace, very similar to what football players wear.

I have been scheduled for the final surgery (we hope!) mid-October. This entails removing the temporary spacer and reinserting an artificial knee. In the meantime my wife (Diane) is still providing a very heavy cocktail of antibiotics every eight hours. Our house looks like a hospital. For the next seven weeks everything is in the hands of the Infectious Disease Doctor.

Even though I still have to use a walker, I can at least get around. I actually drove my Beetle this morning. Not easy to get in and out when your shifting leg has to be straight. Try it!

Out of necessity I have done it before. In 1972 I had the first surgery on my left knee. I was twenty-two years old, fresh out of the Marines and had just started college. So this story involves a Beetle (a 1968), crutches and a pretty girl.

I was leaving class and heading for my car when this very pretty red head approached and asked, “Are you able to drive in that cast?” The truthful answer was “Yep. It’s not easy, but I get around ok.” Remember I was twenty-two and fresh out of the Marines. So I lied! My answer was “I take the bus or try and get a ride.” She immediately offered to give me a lift and off we went. The rest is history. This December we will have been married for forty-six years. So our relationship started with a lie. I could absolutely drive! But ask yourself this. If a pretty girl offered you a ride, would you have turned her down?

So we stated with the 1968 VW, than bought a new 1972 and a used 1971 for Diane. So Volkswagens have been a part of our lives from the beginning. We still had the 1972 when our kids were born and sold it in 1984. I wish I had that car today.

I have attached a couple of pics. First, the 1972 when new and the 1968 right behind it. The lady walking toward the camera is now my wife. Second, Diane with the 1972 when we were on vacation in Michigan. Finally, our one year old son learn out the window.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip with me down memory lane. The stories these cars could tell!

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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  1. Hello, Ron–Neva and I are happy to hear of progress with the knee. How wonderful it is to have a loving, caring wife like Diane!
    You are getting there, Ron. We all are rooting for you! jay salser


  2. Ron:
    What GREAT news. We are all rooting for you in October.


  3. Ron:
    I left the Marines and came home to a wife named Dianne and a Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle in 1971.
    I’ve worn a “hinged-knee stabalizer” on my left knee since ’86. Someday I’d like to buy you a beer. I’m just guessing we have a few things in common. Semper Fi and take one day at a time.


  4. Mike I’ll take you up on that beer. Where is home for you?


    1. Ron, I live in Newport Beach CA November- April and San Juan Island WA April- October.
      Stop by anytime or get within driving distance and I’ll come meet you. My ’67 Beetle is gone but I have a ’71 bus that runs most of the time. (949) 246-9904


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