Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadam

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

In the US, UK and Europe, we take for granted that most parts can be purchased locally. When these parts are hard to get, we use the wide variety of vendors to get our restorations just right. Pavan Kadam has pursued his passion for vintage Volkswagens in his home country of India. Parts are very hard to come by. But, determination and ingenuity means that once again his 1967 beetle breathes new life.

My Name is Pavan Kadan, I live in Namma Bengaluru, India. The photo below shows how my ’67 VW Beetle looked the day I bought it. It was laying (rusting away) in a workshop for 15 years. The car was registered as a

  • September 1967 VW Beetle
  • Engine: 1500CC
  • Power: 54 DIN
  • Type: Right Hand Drive
  • Engine: Air/Oil cooled-Flat 4

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

The car didn’t have any floor pans and came with only 1 wheel rim. The engine was separated from the car and idle for 15 years. The body was painted on the inside but nothing on the outside. A broken bonnet, no bumpers, no lights, Basically it came with ABSOLUTE NOTHING.

My restoration started and took 18 months. The initial plan was 12 months right on schedule for my wife’s birthday. My aim was to restore the whole car inside out, to take it back to its original glory.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

My process started with sourcing spares from local scrapyards, reckoned to be one of the oldest in India, however I got so fed up with them and had to get my spares from US and few from Germany. To my luck I had a great mechanic (named Aanji ), a tin guy and a great Painter who did their best to get my baby to shape. Finally, this is how my ’67 turned out.

My daily trips to the workshop for a minimum of 5 hrs (2 hrs in morning 4 hrs in evening) used to irritate my parents and my wife, but once they got to know what was going on they were thrilled. They did not realise what a thing of beauty was being created by me.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

Finally my dream car was ready to go on the road, I have now been using the car for 12 years, I still upgrade the Bug with some original trims from time to time.

This is the only car that brings miles of smiles on everybody’s face young or old.
It has done some long trips touching top speeds of up to 135 kmph. Not to forget the Hardcore off-roading. The other amazing thing about this car is you reach home safely with whatever trouble your car is going through, it never breaks down abruptly, as long as you do take care of it.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

All the Beetle enthusiasts in Namma Bengaluru formed a club named the BANGALORE BEETLE CLUB of which I am a proud member.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Pavan Kadan

Thanks, Pavan, for sharing your ’67 with 1967beetle.com.

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Hello, I'm Matthew J Keen...

My name is Matthew and live in the sometimes sunny county of Devon in the United Kingdom. My father purchased a new 1967 Beetle in Black with Indian Red interior, this was my first car experience and was the car that drove me from the hospital when I was born. I grew attached to beetles from that age and my first car at 15 was a 71 beetle I fully restored in my parents garage. After a gap of many years I purchased a 1967 Beetle to do a replica of my fathers car, the build took many years to finish but was on the road finally in 2009. Like many I have had some tough times, but working on these little cars has helped me focus on building on achievements one step at a time.

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  1. A great story, Pavan! It is amazing what ingenuity and “tough-love” can do to a hunk of metal. I salute you for using the car daily–as it was intended to be used. Have you given your car a name?

    jay salser

  2. Dear Pavan, Great job! You are sure starting a trend here. I am from near your place in Vidya, in bangalore. Would like to meet you. My -b*p handle is Doc Maanava. could you please leave a PM on b*p? Thanks and wishing you lots of luck!

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