’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Quality Parts

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Quality Parts

’67 beetles could be seen as one of the most exclusive models; so many were made and so many have lasted.

1966 1,080,165 954,080 from Germany
1967 925,787 794,818 from Germany

What struck me is, there isn’t a definitive list of the best places to get parts for ’67 beetles. Sure, you could go to your local parts place and get some cheap heater channels, a bumper and some floor pans but would they last like they should, and would they be correct?

So here is my list of the best parts money can buy… without spending a lifetime searching.

Klassic Fab
Described as the ONLY correct heater channels on the market aside from used/factory NOS channels. Die stamped 20g metal, correct die stamping inner tube, the only year specified channels out there.

Hookeys Panel Shop
Engine sidetrays , bumper mounts, door pillars and heater channel closing plates Hookeys Panel Shop. This is one from my side of the pond, Mr Hook who runs the panel shop has really done his homework to provide the most accurate repair panels you can buy, he has been wise to concentrate on the areas that he has and not stretched himself, the result is a joy to fit. The side trays are ’67 correct and have turned up backs to clear the antiroll bar, the door pillars are again ’67 correct late shape and the heater channel closing panel is made from the best Zintec Steel.

Volkswagen Emporium
For bit and bobs from ’67 door handles NOS to various other interior ’67 NOS parts then it’s worth a look, his items are genuine or german at the very least, he sources them himself.

Wolfsburg West Bumpers
As already reported, these are the best you can get bar having originals re-chromed, if you can find them.

Ed Fall, Vintage Werks
The attention to detail makes it possible to bring these items back to original tolerances and once again sing sweetly.

It would be great to add to this list of excellent OEM quality parts so if you know of any let us know so the list can grow for all of us.

As we all know, the rear valance is the area that we need to get better solutions for. I’m hoping that as 1967beetle.com grows, interest from manufacturers with the skill and expertise then it may be possible to one day get a ’67 rear valance reproduced.

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Hello, I'm Matthew J Keen...

My name is Matthew and live in the sometimes sunny county of Devon in the United Kingdom. My father purchased a new 1967 Beetle in Black with Indian Red interior, this was my first car experience and was the car that drove me from the hospital when I was born. I grew attached to beetles from that age and my first car at 15 was a 71 beetle I fully restored in my parents garage. After a gap of many years I purchased a 1967 Beetle to do a replica of my fathers car, the build took many years to finish but was on the road finally in 2009. Like many I have had some tough times, but working on these little cars has helped me focus on building on achievements one step at a time.

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