Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
I’d like to take a moment to wish a very happy 95th Birthday to my Grandpa.
If it were not for him buying my ’67 Beetle back at the end of ’66, 1967beetle.com would not exist today.

I recently asked my Grandpa what made him choose a vintage Volkswagen. In his own words.

“Eric, my memory is not what it used to be, but… I purchased the Beetle brand new in December of ’66. The price was very competitive, and it was common knowledge that the German VW of old made products that were the result of the highest level in engineering and quality.”

’67 Beetle Engine Component Fasteners

Reader Kevin Cook inquired about which Bolts to use with the Coil Bracket on his 1967 Beetle. Not having a ready answer, Eric and I began to ask some questions. I went to my bolt bins. I also made a call to David Brown of Pennsylvania. He and I discussed the possibilities, sorting bolts as we talked. Then, I recalled that another Reader, Richard Marcoux of Nebraska, has an unmolested ’67 Beetle. Richard and I spoke by phone and he agreed to take some photographs. Here’s what we concluded after much talking and searching of parts, etc.

Beth Leverman’s ’67 Beetle Update

Beth Leverman's '67 BeetleSome time ago, 1967beetle.com featured Beth Leverman’s 1967 Beetle. The car had been neglected, spending some years for all practical purposes abandoned in a backyard.

Herr Schmidt (his temporary nomer) was about to be rescued and taken on an extraordinary journey. His new owner—an unlikely lady, in Dallas, Texas, who spends her daytime hours in a lab coat behind a microscope. On the weekends, she is transformed into “the gal with the cutting torch at the body shop”!

Today, after a morning at the shop doing the latest body work, Beth came by the house to fetch some missing parts. Neva and I eagerly went out to see Herr Schmidt, camera in hand. It was our first glimpse of the car in some time.

Wow! A new engine! Wow! The damaged passenger’s cowling excised and original German sheet metal grafted into place. What—two genuine German front fenders also have replaced the earlier fenders which someone had used to cover up the old accident damage.

Beth Leverman's '67 BeetleThe apron had come from Don’s Bug Barn in Athen’s Texas. The hood, from yet another source.

Beth had serviced the speedometer. A correct Sapphire V radio with the coveted rubber knobs adorns the dash. Decals and other parts from Lane Russell.

Stephan Ruiz’s L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Submitted by a reader and customer of 1967beetle.com, Stephan Ruiz. (His car is featured in the film) This is probably one of the most beautiful shorts I’ve seen in a long time about the ’67 Beetle. It makes me proud knowing that there are so many great ’67 Beetles still out on the road. 1967beetle.com will continue to find them and showcase their unique stories.

Ubiquitous. This is the best word to describe the Volkswagen Beetle, which had over 21 million vehicles churned out during a 75-year production. Yet even with so many cars produced, one would still be hard pressed to find two Beetles customized in the same way. Maybe it is the idea of endless customization possibilities that endears so many to the Beetle, or perhaps it is that behind these cars there are no two owners alike. With every Beetle bought and sold comes a Volkswagen story.

The Correct ’67 Beetle Generator

The Correct '67 Beetle GeneratorYou may or may not know this, but the original 12v generator on your ’67 Beetle is a one year only part. Often times, this item is replaced with an aftermarket unit that does not have the correct push on terminals. Amazingly, I recently acquired 3 of these from Germany.

The correct part numbers:
Bosch: 101 302 067
VW: 211 903 031

I believe there are a few variations in the part numbers. Feel free to comment below, if you have more information to support this.

I may consider selling. Do contact me if you’re interested. Let’s take a closer look.