Yunus Peer’s L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle


As we search in barns and forgotten locations across the world for more unique ’67 Beetle stories, sometimes they find us. This time, it comes from Yunus Peer in Hawaii.

I am a long time ’67 Beetle enthusiast. I restored a few in my younger years – and as you may know, one never really kicks the addiction. Here’s the latest chapter. After a 20 year layoff, there’s a 67 in our family again. My son found this one close to his home in Orlando – It came from Brazil to Florida and is now on its way to Hawaii. The last pic is of the last 2 we had to sell in NH before we moved back to HI.

Brian Davis’s L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle

This is a special ’67 Beetle that belonged to your grandfather?
My ’67 Beetle was stored in my grandparent’s basement for as long as I can remember. My grandma died when I was 25, and before she passed she asked if I had an interest in taking the ’67. Of course, I said yes.

After the dust settled, one weekend, I went down to their house to see what it needed to get back on the road. I pushed it out of the garage after 30 plus years of sitting idle. It was out of gas along with brake fluid. The brakes also badly needed adjusting. After these simple items were taken care of, it only took a quick bump of the key to ignite her back to life. There’s something really amazing about that.

Graham Patterson’s Australian ’67 Beetle


Happy New Year! We’ve featured Graham’s RHD ’67 Beetle in the past. Well, he reached out with an update and it sounds like his project is finally nearing complete. Good work, Graham!

Greetings, A Merry Christmas and Safe New Year to all the vintage Volkswagen followers around the world. I have at long last completed my Australian ’67 Beetle. Whilst I have not been in any rush on this build it has thrown up a lot of issues with obtaining Australian ’67 parts. I had plans to ensure this build was in a genuine restoration but I had to compromise and use what I had, so it is not exactly to Australian as-built.

In a few days I will get it inspected for registration use on the roads and see no issues with this process now that each and every thing has been done. I am however very proud of the old girl – she runs a real treat and turns heads. You will note the typical period Australian sun screen on the front windscreen. My best regards.

Graham Patterson
Perth, WA

SOLD– L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE – L456 Ruby Red ’67 BeetleJust listed for sale here at This is a very very nice L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle, just waiting for a buyer. I don’t think this car needs much at all to be perfect and 100% correct to factory specs. Who’s going to take this ’67 home and put it in their garage for the new year? It’s too bad Lane Russell is in the process of a workshop renovation. Ruby red has always been a favorite.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: Unknown
Location: CA
Price: $10,500
Contact: Buy it Now

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Thanks for following for the last 6 years.

Also, a special thank you to Jay Salser for his continued support, endless phone conversations and friendship. Chime in below and let us know what you’d like to talk about in 2016. One year only parts? NOS coils? Reverse lights? The VW 105-1 30 PICT 1? The list never ends with the ’67 Beetle.