So Cal Big Weds

So Cal Big Weds

A huge thanks to our very good friend Timm Eubanks of So Cal, for contributing his photography talents and time to Timm documented this year’s Big Weds vintage Volkswagen event.

“More than 100 Volkswagen enthusiasts – mostly buses but also Beetles – squeezed into the tight parking spots to show off, share stories and spend the day surfing at San Onofre State Beach in San Clemente. It seemed everyone had a story to tell down at San O, as it’s known by locals, during the annual gathering of Volkswagen aficionados who packed into the beach.”

’67 Beetle Barn Find

'67 Beetle Barn Find

Here’s an interesting barn find story that was sent over to by a reader in the UK. I’m happy to announce that this ’67 Beetle will get a second chance on the road in the near future.

Submitted by Jesse Kendall - A couple of weeks ago an employee, who knew I was into old Beetles, told me that a farmer friend of his had his son’s old Beetle sitting out in a shed that he was getting ready to scrap. So, I went out to the shed and sure enough there was this sad little Beetle sitting there on blocks. It was covered in a 1/4” worth of dust and dirt, the mice and raccoons did a number on the inside. It had the typical rust but for the most part looked straight, so I took a picture of the vin plate to figure out what year it was.

'67 Beetle Barn Find

SOLD – L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

For Sale – L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

Just listed for sale here at This is a really well done L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle, just waiting for someone to take it home. Info from the seller.

You are bidding on an absolutely beautiful 1967 VW Bug. This 1967 bug was restored 3 years ago to its original condition, its been garaged since restoration was competed, only 3,200 miles and it shows. This bug has one of the most impressive paint jobs around, its all in Savanna Beige in color. The paint just grabs you when you see the bug driving down the highway.

The interior is all new, new headliner, door panels, vinyl Seats, carpet, Just stunning Interior. Everything works correctly, Horn, Blinkers, Wipers, Gas Gauge, Lights and so on.

The Engine is a rebuilt 1500cc that is very peppy. The Brakes are all new and the tires were just put on last spring, it stops on a dime.

The undercarriage and floor pans are in excellent condition. If you live in the Dallas Area, you may see the bug anytime during the auction.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 3,200 miles
Location: Dallas, TX
Price: Bidding on eBay
Contact: Bidding on eBay

Gareth Calveley’s ’67 Beetle

Robert Hutchinson's '67 Beetle

This article was submitted by reader and ’67 enthusiast Gareth Calveley. Thank you very much for your contributions to

Gareth here from North Wales. I just wanted to showcase the progress on my L518 Java Green restoration. I enjoy and the community here.

Vintage Volkswagen Bulb Repair

Vintage Volkswagen Bulb Repair

A couple of months ago, some of us were having a VW photo shoot. As my wife, Neva, drove away in our ’67 Beetle, someone exclaimed that one of the brake lights wasn’t functioning.

“Again?”, I thought and remarked to those present that I had serviced the offending brake light on more than one occasion. I added that to my list of VW Things To Do.

A couple of weeks later, I had a moment to work on the problem. But, in the intervening time, I had thought of a possible solution. It derived from something having nothing to do with VWs. In fact, this possible solution had nothing to do with anything automotive!

I removed the car’s cover, removed the lens and the offending bulb. I tested it to be sure that it was a functioning unit. Sure was. Sigh. Not as easy a fix as I had hoped. Wouldn’t it have been nice to just replace a burnt bulb?

Usually what I have done in the past is to remove the bulbs, then to remove the bulb holder itself. This is an easy operation requiring the removal of the lens, then the use of a Phillips head screwdriver to remove one short screw at the bottom of the bulb holder. The holder lifts out of its slot and there it is.