Proper ’67 Restoration by WCCR

When it comes to period correct restoration work, our friends at West Coast Classic Restoration always come to mind. Lenny Copp is known around the world for his projects. This ’67 he finished not too

San Diego Automotive Museum

The San Diego Automotive Museum currently has a Vintage VW show on display with a fantastic collection of Vintage Volkswagens. Our good So Cal friend Timm Eubanks attended the event and was kind enough to

’67 Facts

“We made the car go faster. And the engine go slower.” The 1967 Volkswagen Beetle’s engine was upsized to 1493-cc (as on Type 3) and 53 horsepower (1200 and 1300 engines continue outside U.S.). Also featured on Big Blue’s Online Carburetor

A huge thanks to Big Blue for taking the time to learn about my ’67 story. You can read the full interview, “A conversation with Eric Shoemaker of at Big Blue’s Online Carburetor.” Also,


Early Volkswagens

“No silhouette in the history of automobiles is as recognizable as that of the long-lived, beloved, all-things-to-all-people VW Beetle. (Nor, as anyone who has ever sat in one can readily attest, is there anything quite

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