’67 Beetle — One Year Only Parts

These are the One Year Only parts we carry for the ’67 Beetle over at Lane Russell. You can add items directly to your cart from this page and check out via our shop. Let us know if you have any questions! The article on one year only parts continues below.

About One Year Only Parts

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — One Year Only Parts

Not a week goes by without someone emailing 1967beetle.com about the ’67s unique one year only parts. Below is the list of items we are aware of. Over time, we will be adding photos to help illustrate each item. Would you like to contribute a photo to help our efforts? Please email.

What’s different about the ’67 Beetle?
This information applies only to Beetles destined for import into the Continental USA.

The 1967 model of the Beetle Sedan (non Convertible) heralded several changes. Most of these changes are subtle and go unnoticed. I will attempt to point out those of which I am aware. A lot of the changes continued to be incorporated into later years as well.

Original Documents!

Here are some of the original documents for my 67. My Grandpa kept everything!

Classic VW Bugs — Chris Vallone

Chris, tell me a little about yourself, your background and how you got into restoring Volkswagen Beetles?

I grew up in NY my whole life in the Hudson Valley just above NYC. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with art, animation, cartooning, and cinema.  So since grade school I wanted to be in Cinema. When I got to studying art in college, I wanted to be the artist with a Bug. In my school I would have been the only guy with one, what a way to stand out I thought. I knew nothing about cars, nadda! I was lucky I knew how to put gas in. Plus it was going to be my first time I bought a car on my own.