Working on the ’67

A typical Saturday!

Working on the '67!

’67 Beetle Colors

When doing a proper restoration, nothing is more important than getting the colors right.
Here’s the correct information provided by our friends at Wolfsburg West!

My 67 VW, NAS. Alameda, CA

VW Treffen + Timm Eubanks

Old VW

The VW Treffen show was fantastic!

It was a great pleasure to hang with Beth and Timm Eubanks. Thank you so much for the hospitality! You can follow Timm (OldVW) on Twitter.

VW Treffen photos coming soon!

Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche + My ’67 Restoration Story

My ’67 restoration story was published in Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche – Issue 2.

A huge thanks to Paul Cave and Aircooled Classics & Kombi Life Magazines.

My ’67 Beetle Story Featured in the Vintage Voice

My ’67 beetle story has been published in the May/June issue of the Vintage Voice. Thanks guys! You can learn more about the VVWCA here.