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Door Panel Removal and Installation


To remove door panels on your ’67 VW Beetle:

Step 1: Begin by popping out the small pin on the window winder. This can be done with a nail or small object. Be careful not to strip the inside of your winder!

Step 2: Next, take the two small screws out of the latch. This is covered by a small plastic cover. It pops right off with a simple screwdriver.

Step 3: Once those are removed, you can carefully start to pop the door panels off. Use a flathead screwdriver, making sure you don’t break the panels. If the clips are in decent shape, it should pop right off.

You’ll notice in these photos that mine were the OG German units. They came off with ease… well, let’s say they broke into pieces. :) I replaced them. Lastly, make sure to put a new moisture barrier on when finishing. This keeps water from hitting the panels. Any 2 mil plastic will work. I also used the Quickroof that I mentioned before to deaden sound in the door.

My 1967 VW Beetle

My 1967 VW Beetle

Literature for the ’67 VW Beetle

I get a lot of emails from people asking for information on correct literature. Everett Barnes seems to have this covered very well on TheSamba. From owners manuals to color chats for the ’67 VW Beetle. Scroll down to the bottom of the page!

One thing to remember:
“Every image on this page is either scanned directly from the private collection of Everett Barnes or has been submitted exclusively to TheSamba and credited.
Taking any of these images for use on another website without permission is theft.”

German Square Weave Installation

This pretty much speaks for itself. Quality German square weave carpet, just as they did it back in ’67. 

Here is a visual walkthrough of some of the process:

My 1967 Beetle

My 1967 Beetle

Interior Prep Work

Since the seats were out, I decided to take care of rust issues and begin prep for new German square weave carpet and proper mats. In case you’re wondering, full carpet isn’t correct for the ’67 VW. Rubber mats are.

Here is a visual walk-through of some of the process:

My 1967 VW Beetle

My 1967 VW Beetle