Spotted in San Francisco!

70s Beetle

Early 70s Beetle.

My ’67 Beetle – The Beginning

It’s been over 6 years since I began my restoration. I had no idea I’d get so interested and become so passionate about this great hobby.

Self, 1967 VW

This photo was taken shortly after I got the car from my grandfather. Look at the blackened, charred decklid. He had a fire in the early 90s. Also, I still have no idea why the area inside the engine lid was painted black. I’ve since had it repainted the correct L620, Savannah beige. It sometimes amazes me that the car is still surviving today.

’67 Triplets!

Panama Beige, Sea Sand, Savannah Beige! Photo credit: Unknown

It does not get any better than this!

So-Cal Vintage Treffen

I’d have to say, the So-Cal Vintage Treffen show was by far the best Vintage VW shows I’ve had the privilege to attend. Bug-O-Rama was a few months earlier but just did not seem to come close to this one. There’s something about seeing 150 truly stock VWs. My good friends and I like to call it the “VW sickness.” It’s a very true statement. It was held at the Phoenix Club.

“The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California is a true old school German Cultural Club, as well as the perfect host for an event like this. The So Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to 1957 and earlier Beetles and “Press Bumper” Busses, 1959 and earlier Karmann Ghias, Military Vehicles and early coachbuilts.”

Vintage Volkswagen Commercials

Here are a few of my favorite Vintage Volkswagen commercials. Something about the tone in the narration and focus on the quality craftsmanship of these great old cars. It’s no wonder NOS parts work just as they did 40+ years ago!

Only 4 bolts to take out a VW Beetle’s engine!