’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Owners Manual


The ’67 Beetle owners manual has been mentioned before here at 1967beetle.com. However, a reader (Donna Fischer) was kind enough to send the world a more friendly format. You can now download a PDF of the ’67 Beetle owners manual. Let’s give Donna a big “air cooled” thanks for doing so.

Are there other unique pieces of ’67 Beetle literature you’d like to see here at 1967beete.com? Please chime in below and let us know.

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14 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Owners Manual

  1. All,

    You too can own an original manual (complete with import stamps) along with the car!!! See my post selling the 67 Zenith Blue. It’s still available. Waiting for you.
    (shameless plug)

  2. Lots of interest but no one that wants to pay such a low price for a piece of history. The right buyer will come. Waiting for him/her.

  3. Hey Donna, the manual looks great. Thank-you! for providing the soft copy version to 1967Beetle.com. That was very thoughtful of you!

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