’67 Volkswagen Beetle — One Year Only Parts w/ Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs

1967beetle.com has just finished a collaboration with good pal Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs in NY. Chris and I spend a decent amount of time on the phone chasing cars and just recently, talking about what makes the ’67 Beetle so special.

“This is a 4 part series of short films on the “one year only” 1967 Beetle. We discuss the obvious changes, upgrades, and one year only features that make this car so special.”

As always, 1967beetle.com strives for accuracy. However, the ’67 Beetle has a LONG list of one year only parts. If you see something that was left out, etc, please give us your thoughts and comment below. We want to hear from you!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Here’s also a list of many of the one year only parts for the ’67 Beetle. What other videos would you want to see on 1967beetle.com?

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

30 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — One Year Only Parts w/ Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs

  1. Wow, great job Chris! I was driving my car yesterday and a guy in the shopping mall parking lot offered me $11,000.00 for my car, and whipped out $1,000 as a deposit on the spot! I think I should sell him the the car!

  2. I think us ’67 Beetle have a sort of malady (in a good way). As Chris opened the decklid, I exclaimed to my wife “I can’t believe he’s using the wrong distributor, and the upper pulley tin is missing, where are the fresh air tube clamps, and I wonder if that’s a VW105-1 30PICT-1 carb!”. Chris, of course, immediately pointed out the distributor. :) He then opened the door and pointed at the ’67 seat lever – to which my wife said ours is different. I paused the video, and said that switched around mid-year, calmed her down, and then pressed play. Chris then goes, “this changed sometime in the production year.” HAH!

    Of course, my wife pointed out that we have the wrong running board chrome on Felix the Beetle when Chris pointed that one out.

    Great videos!

    • It’s true. Ron and I coined it a ’67 Beetle pervert.” I too gave him a hard time about the 009, and I think it’s a good thing he pointed it out. He also has a fuel filter in the car, wrong fuel pump, coil, carb, etc. Chris has become a good friend of mine. We talk daily sometimes about the ’67 Beetle.

      Us ’67 owners are so hardcore! Glad you liked this collab!

      • The 67 posse should go easy on Chris. He’s learning, and from the best teachers. Plus he is restoring cars, not restoring to 100% factory specs. If he did that it would take him years to find ALL the correct parts. It’s up to the next owner to take it to what level of correctness they want.

        • Exactly. The ’67 is just a weird year with all the one year only goodies.

          Chris knows I love him. :-) He mentioned to me that Oval folks are even worse about correctness.

        • Well you guys know, my efforts to be 100% correct are not with a 67, they are with my ovals and now my 52 SPLIT! That’s just me. It is much harder to be correct on those early models than a 67. Keep in mind, my savanna 67 I restored was done in a month and a half!

  3. Cool videos man, and I like the engine part where he mentions that a guy is reproducing that air cleaner support bracket :)
    It’s nice to be appreciated :)
    So many reasons to love our sixty sevens….

  4. Great work Chris. I enjoyed how you compared the 67 to the 66 and 68. That was very interesting. The little sun visor clips, next to the rear view mirror also changed mid year. I hope everyone noticed what a nice resto job you did. That is a sweet car.

  5. Well…no one has commented on how “funny” Chris talks! You’d think that he comes from the Northeast or somewhere like that! LOL But, even with that “foreign” accent, you gotta luv Chris’ style and labor of love with these cars! Keep up the great job, Chris! jay (from Texizz!)

  6. HI Eric, I know it’s been serveral days since these videos went live, but I have been really busy lately! I noticed that no one mentioned the large white wall tires on the car ! The correct white walls for that year, were only 1″ white walls. I also noticed the nice clock in the horn button! The correct one is obviuosly the one with the Castle and Fox on it. And the radio he mentioned was a V instead of 5 ! Other than that, I think Chris did a nice job comparing the different changes. Good job Chris, except the music really sucked with all do respect ! Jaime

  7. Would anyone here happen to be versed in the “Canadian Custom” model of ’67s? I bought mine not knowing much about Beetles and the previous owner told me it was a factory order with bare-bones finishes and that this option was only available in Canada. Watching this video, here are some obvious notes that mine have that are different from the video’s specs:

    - no fuel gauge
    - 1200 engine
    - no dash trim/steering wheel trim/radio and speakers – (also no holes where these would have been installed)
    - no seat recline (although I see this changed part way through)
    - seats do not have the correct “seam” as in the video – mine are very old, I’m not sure if they’d be after market?
    - passenger side handle has no key-lock
    - partial headliner
    - no assist straps or handle on dash
    - back windows: no chrome trim, can’t open

    So far these are the features I’ve noticed. Haven’t had luck with online searches… All I know about the car’s history is that I am the 3rd owner and it has been in British Columbia (Canada) its whole life (Vancouver area). It’s been repainted once but always in white – the interior paint is still the original. Obviously the carpet isn’t an original feature :)

    If anyone is able to look at my photos and offer up any info – I would really appreciate it!


    - Hayley

    • Yeah you have a standard version I’m pretty sure it is 6 volt too! Some even dont have glove compartment doors! They call these in europe savings bugs! cheapest version available!!

    • Hayley, try doing a search for spakafer. That’s the tern for the 67 standard in Europe. Send me a reply or email. I do love the standards. I have a 60 Canadian Custom (standard). James

      • Thank you James. I am unable to message you, but I have since found a wealth of info since Eric put me in touch with Jody and Jay. I have also received my birth certificate… it’s still on the original engine and the seats are correct :)

        • I think I left my email address in comment on one of your photobucket pix. Please get in touch if you ever want to sell it. :)

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