For Sale — NOS Solex 30 Pict-1


There’s not much I really have to say when it comes to a NOS item. Here’s the info we have, direct from the seller. More photos below. This NOS carb is in two pieces.

“The carb top, part no. 113 129 107 F has DECKEL (“top” in German) marked on the box. It is complete including the electric choke element and fuel float vale and has “Made in W. –Germany” stamped on top. It can easily be converted to 12V for a US ’67 Beetle.

The carburettor body, part no. 113 129 299 B has GEHAUSE (“housing” in German) marked on the box. It is a bare unit without accelerator pump cover, jets, fuel bowl plug, idle mixer screw, manifold mounting studs and linkage. It does have the throttle butterfly and shaft plus accelerator pump spray and has “Made in Australia” stamped on the fuel bowl. This is the later type Pict-1 with a power jet.”

Status: For Sale
Location: Australia
Price: $200 + Shipping
Contact: Angus jackson

FOR SALE: NOS Solex 30 Pict-1 Carburettor

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