Vintage VW Enthusiast — Mike Buettell

A big thanks to Mike Buettell who drove 1.5 days from Washington to pick up the tires I had for sale. I took him out for a sunny Bay Area drive in the ’67 and he gladly posed for this photo.

This is another example of how vintage VW enthusiasts are just awesome and in a league of their own. He, too, owns a very original ’67.

We exchanged some laughs about people and their connections with these old cars. I learned about him serving in the Vietnam War as a pilot. He returned home in the 70′s, and purchased his first zenith blue Beetle. I gave him some advice about moving the fuel filter out of his engine area and a solution for his high fuel pressure issue. Mike is a great example of why I started this site.

Drive safe, Mike. I’ll hopefully see you at the VW Classic in June.

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