Merry Christmas —

Snowy ’67 Beetle — Amanda De Vito

Merry Christmas from
Thanks for another great year! So many fantastic tipstutorialsclassifieds, and interviews have been published. would not be quickly growing if it were not for YOU reading right now. Yes, YOU! A huge thanks to all the fantastic folks around the world that have submitted their ’67 Beetle stories, etc.

Photos: Amanda De Vito

Snowy ’67 Beetle — Amanda De Vito

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

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  1. Bryan Lund chiming in here from Alamogordo, NM. I have my eye on a white 60′s bug with standard transmission that the owner has painted the hood and fenders up front with a purple/white flame paint job! I have driven up to it, stared inside, lots of restoration aleady done. Heck, it’s all been done! It’s sitting in a used car lot, is driven often, but it’s not apparently for sale. The owner works there or owns the entire lot. Anyway, just sharing this with you. I’ll eventually have to call to find out more details. Enjoy your ’67 Bug’s!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday Eric. Keep up the fanstastic work with
    Looking forward to an awesome 2014
    Kevin Morton
    Carson City NV

  3. Hello, Bryan…The “chase” never ceases, does it. Maybe you will acquire that bug!

    What a year it has been for! There’s never a boring moment in ’67City, is there. Eric…U R tha Greatest!

    May the New Year bring even more exciting articles and tips–along with an ever increasing Readership.

    Merry Christmas and a Bountiful New Year to all of you out there in ’67landia!


      • Yes…but, the feeling that it “needs you” is still there, isn’t it!? I have had the feeling scores of times. Actually about a hundred times! LOL Go for it! jay

        • Jay, oh yeah, I do have that feeling. I’ll bet it’s owner loves the car, too, but, who knows, maybe he wants something different. There is no “for sale” sign on the Bug. We’ll see what happens. I have happy memories from age 16…Dad and Mom let me drive their ’66 VW Fastback with the 4-speed standard stick. What a little trooper that Fastback was! That car and the happy times driving it when I was a younger lad is one of the main reasons I’m pursuing VW Bug’s now.

          • Bryan…I bought many a VW that didn’t have “the sign” on it. But, I found that if I asked about the car, but failed to carry-through with a follow-up visit or call, the idea of selling the car had been firmly planted. The car would then be sold no matter what. I’ve had countless people to tell me that the car was not for sale only to find a bit later that they had sold it. It’s the planting of the “for-sale-seed” that does it most of the time! Even now, I feel the need “to buy”. I have a couple on my horizon. We shall see if I have lost the knack to buy. LOL jay

          • Jay, man I looked at that white 60′s Bug again today. It looks pristine…one of those “inviting” cars as it just sits still on the lot. Still no signs on it all. There is this issue of money, but, well…you know!

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