Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen

Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen

It was a lovely autumn day here in England, the trees are changing and the light in the afternoon is golden. I took this opportunity to give my ’67 a run up to Knightshayes Court, a stately home near my parents. It was met with quite a few people of a certain age (over 60) flocking over to have a look.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen Featured ’67 Beetle — Matthew Keen

Thanks, Matthew, for sharing your ’67 with 1967beetle.com.

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Hello, I'm Matthew J Keen...

My name is Matthew and live in the sometimes sunny county of Devon in the United Kingdom. My father purchased a new 1967 Beetle in Black with Indian Red interior, this was my first car experience and was the car that drove me from the hospital when I was born. I grew attached to beetles from that age and my first car at 15 was a 71 beetle I fully restored in my parents garage. After a gap of many years I purchased a 1967 Beetle to do a replica of my fathers car, the build took many years to finish but was on the road finally in 2009. Like many I have had some tough times, but working on these little cars has helped me focus on building on achievements one step at a time.

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    • Well spotted there Brian, Its an accurate reproduction of a 67 only cabrio lid I made, I have a standard on as well. This is to keep the engine cooler, I’m running a 1200 fuel sipper at the moment but have all the parts for an H block 1600 Single port engine (1500 barrels are too expensive these days) plus I have a doghouse fan housing and larger corresponding fan, with all this the extra cooling will hopefully produce a nice engine that runs well with modern traffic.

      • Well, since you took that comment in stride, the rear bumper overriders look pre-’67 to my eye. I imagine good ’67s are hard to come by, and probably no reproductions out there. (Speaking from a position of ignorance, I’m a 356 guy lately.)

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