Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Our interest in people and their ’67 Beetles has travelled deep into Europe for this story. Linas Barščevičius lives in Lithuania. He has restored this ’67 and rallies it annually.

There are so many VW Beetles in the world. And every car and it’s driver have their own story. This is my story how I became a Beetle owner and a fan of classic VWs.

As far as I remember myself, I‘ve always been interested in old cars and automotive history. My profession and my everyday work are also closely connected with cars but the new ones. So, the idea of having my own oldtimer was just a matter of time and an acceptable offer.

Some years ago I started to work at Volkswagen importer office of Lithuania and got an opportunity to meet the guys from Lithuanian Beetle Club. I saw their passion to old VW cars and this encouraged me to study history of Beetle more deeply. And I was intrigued by the story of this car which was initiated by Adolf Hitler and executed by genius engineer Ferdinand Porsche. So, I stated to dream about having a pre-1967 Beetle.

One thing made my dream come true in a shorter period of time. It was my 10th wedding anniversary and my wife made me a surprise – a ride on T2 bus which was owned by President of our Beetle Club. Very soon after that, he sent me an internet link of sales ad. And I finally found what I was looking for – a nice Beetle Deluxe produced in January 1967. It stood in Austrian mountain town and was slightly damaged in an accident. Unfortunately, somebody bought it faster than me.

And what was a surprise when I saw the same Beetle on Lithuanian car sales portal! The car was already brought to Lithuania and was again on sale, just for a little higher price. This time I contacted the seller very quickly and bought a car. After looking closer I have discovered that car was complete and in relatively good shape except a damaged front left end.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

I could start participating Beetle festivals with my own car only 2 years later. First, the restoration of the body was made by professionals and took more than one year. The car was painted in original colour “Sea Sand”. At the same time I, with a help of my retired father, restored or changed all mechanical, interior and exterior parts. I had no problems to buy parts I needed, we can easily buy it from Germany via internet, and our local Club also has an impressive stock of spare parts.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

The restoration process was really challenging, but very exciting occupation after work and on weekends because I wanted to make everything to look like an original car. I got to read a lot of literature and The Samba was my favourite website at that time…. In the end we finished putting all parts together and made a first trip along streets of my hometown on autumn 2009.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Since I already knew a people from local Beetle club, I became its member soon and was actively involved to Club activities. Two years later, I was elected a President of Club. Now I cannot say what is more important to me – my personal “Beetle” or Club. Or maybe one cannot exist without the other. Club has a great atmosphere and a lot of meetings every year. “Beetlemania” becomes a way of life not only for me but for my family as well.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Every year our family has a few bigger journeys by our beloved Bug. We visit old timer festivals not only in Lithuania but in other countries also. This year we had a longest trip so far – to “Leopolis Grand Prix” festival in Ukraine. This is a great international event which brings together about 200 oldtimers mainly from Eastern and Central Europe. The event takes place three days. I drove 1500 km to city of Lviv and back home without any problem on car.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

I also take part in various classic rallies form time to time. Most of them are based on driving regularity and, since I have some experience in this from past, I win sometimes. My biggest achievement was last year’s “Orlen Classic Rally” where I have won 2nd place in class and 2nd place overall.

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Until now, I already rolled almost 12.000 km with my Beetle in total. I get some proposals to sell my Beetle frequently but I’m not intend to do this. This is my first old timer car and maybe because of this it is most darling for me. Furthermore, I am looking to buy another classic model – VW Karmann Ghia for my wife. But this is another story for next time…

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Featured ’67 Beetle — Linas Barščevičius

Thanks, Linas Barščevičius, for sharing your ’67 with 1967beetle.com.

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Hello, I'm Matthew J Keen...

My name is Matthew and live in the sometimes sunny county of Devon in the United Kingdom. My father purchased a new 1967 Beetle in Black with Indian Red interior, this was my first car experience and was the car that drove me from the hospital when I was born. I grew attached to beetles from that age and my first car at 15 was a 71 beetle I fully restored in my parents garage. After a gap of many years I purchased a 1967 Beetle to do a replica of my fathers car, the build took many years to finish but was on the road finally in 2009. Like many I have had some tough times, but working on these little cars has helped me focus on building on achievements one step at a time.

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  1. Wow! I get to add the first comment to this great article. There are so many features of the Beetles destined for European consumption that contrast with those destined for USA consumption. But the photo of the Beetle traveling away from us brings us back to that familiar ’67 decklid! Three cheers to Linas for his perseverance in locating and purchasing this car–then to bringing it back to its glory! jay salser

  2. Spoke to Linas before the article, there are aspects of the car that are not 67 spec, doors , wheels, im guessing the colour choice is from the 65-66 line up, though it does look a well finished car, well done Linas

      • Sorry, the only things that are not ’67 correct – wheel caps (must be flat, not half-moon) and interior handles of window winders. The rest are original parts and I didn’t replace anything.

        • With the bumpers some 67′s did get produced without the 67 lower rail.
          Was the car originally Sea Sand Linas? and is the red interior original, looks fantastic either way, my black 67 has red interior

          • I have an original document of the car (Typenschein) with all previous owners’ names and addresses. There were 3 of tem. I have contacted last owner in Austria and she said that car was originally Sea Sand and was repainted to Beige in 80s…

  3. I wonder what the breakers yard situation is in Lithuania…good i.e VW38 was found there better would be a stash of 67 rear valances

  4. I love this car, Another thing, in the picture of the car on a trailer it has 4 bolt front wheels with 5 bolt rears, i’m wondering if the whole front beam was off a disk braked 67 or drum braked 68 beam?

    This is what it is all about, plus lets be honest who has the most bone stock 67 when we get down to it.

    Well built car :) well done

    • Previous owner told me that after accident the damaged original front beam was changed to temporary 4 bolt beam from later car. Just to have car to standing on wheels and be transportable. It seems to be true because I found this beam attached only by 2 loose bolts.

      • Half the fun of these cars is the detective work of what went on before, I once had a 67 squareback type 3, when I took the dash apart I found a note in it saying “I may be rusty, but I’m very trusty” :) Love it!!

  5. Linas, your car is beautiful! You did a great job on the restoration, and your story is probably one of the best I’ve read. Your 67 is Super! Best of luck to you & your family!

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