SOLD — Chris Vallone’s L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

SOLD — Chris Vallone's L620 Savanna Beige '67 Beetle

East Coast pal Chris Vallone’s L620 savanna beige ’67 has been featured here at a few times during its restoration process. This car originally came to Chris as a true time capsule. During the restoration, Chris added his own flair and style to the interior with close attention to detail. The car just went to a new owner! It’s a very respectable example of what many consider the best year of the VW Beetle; 1967.

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7 thoughts on “SOLD — Chris Vallone’s L620 Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle

  1. Such a nice resto… and I dig the clock in the horn button.

    If you don’t mind, how much was the selling price?? Whatever it is, its worth every penny.

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