’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Kindred Spirits

Submitted by a reader and customer of 1967beetle.com, Stephan Ruiz. (His car is featured in the film) This is probably one of the most beautiful shorts I’ve seen in a long time about the ’67 Beetle. It makes me proud knowing that there are so many great ’67 Beetles still out on the road. 1967beetle.com will continue to find them and showcase their unique stories.

“Ubiquitous. This is the best word to describe the Volkswagen Beetle, which had over 21 million vehicles churned out during a 75-year production. Yet even with so many cars produced, one would still be hard pressed to find two Beetles customized in the same way. Maybe it is the idea of endless customization possibilities that endears so many to the Beetle, or perhaps it is that behind these cars there are no two owners alike. With every Beetle bought and sold comes a Volkswagen story.

After many mishaps involving stolen, burned, and wrecked Beetles, Stephan Ruiz has finally found his personal Beetle. Clean is the best word to describe this one-year-only 1967 Beetle, and Stephan wants to keep it that way.

Sometimes we change a car, and sometimes we find the car changes us.

Drive Tastefully™”

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

18 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Kindred Spirits

  1. Wow awesome story Stephan ! Very nice 67 and I absolutely loved that video!! Very cool ! I keep watching it over and over agian! I can relate to almost everything you touched on, so very true.Enjoy your “work of art”.

  2. This is your best article yet. I look forward to your post daily. I hope Volkswagen is watching; you have something very special here.

    • No worries Eric, yeah it was late about 3:00am pst. Now that is real dedication ! Unless you were helping to feed the twins at that hour ; ) ! At any rate, as Ben put it, you have a gift, run with it ! And thank you for doing what you do in the wee hours! I really look forward to reading your column everyday. Jaime

      • Jamie,
        Thanks! Yeah, it’s a labor of love. The email now goes out to LOT of people. I’m human and goof up now and then. My goal is to connect ’67 owners globally.

        • Eric, I have family throughout Mexico with whom I have contact with on a regular basis and most recently, reached out to the rest of the Munana family in Spain. They have a large winery there and I will let them know what goals are, together I will do everything in my power to help you make this happen! Jaime

          • Jamie,
            Thank you! If interested, you could help contribute articles the same way Jay does. You’d get your own login, etc. I just manage everything and look it over before it goes live.

  3. Oh, yes…reminds me of past days when all that I drove was ’67 Beetles! Every day! When Stephen speaks of “having an intimate time” with his Bug, I know what he means. Every dedicated ’67 Beetle owner does. That’s why a lot of people give their Bug a name. It has become a member of the family. Drive on, Stephen–you are spreading the message! jay

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