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Hello, community.

I’ve learned that our beloved Neva Salser has suffered a stroke. With Jay’s permission, I’m letting the ’67 Beetle community know the latest as of 9:05 AM on 12.1.19.

In Jay’s words.

Hello, All…

Last evening (Friday at 7:45) Neva suffered a stroke.  She was immediately transported to Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas where she received immediate “clot busting” therapy in hopes of removing the clot in the brain before it could do more damage.

Our daughter and I have been with her all night and all day today.  Our son came to relieve us.

Neva is guardedly better but cannot walk and has very limited use of her right arm and hand.  She is in good spirits.

We would appreciate your prayers for healing–as God wills!

So many know this, but Jay and Neva are admired all over the world for their articles, advice and knowledge shared here at Their efforts and labor of love for sharing vintage VW knowledge does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

If you’ve been touched by Neva and Jay, (we all have) please chime in below and say a few words. I’d like to consider this a get-well card.

We love you, Neva & Jay.

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  1. Amanda and I are thinking about you guys. Please keep everyone posted on Neva’s progress. The ’67 Beetle community loves you.


  2. Joseph A Bednarcik December 1, 2019 at 9:17 am

    God’s power be with you Neva and Jay/family. My prayers are with you, at this hard time. —JoeB, 67 owner, Ohio—-


  3. Hello Neva and Jay, I was so sorry to learn this from Jay this morning from short email from Jay, we stay in touch a lot.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and may Neva have a full and rapid recovery.

    Frank S.



  4. First you, now her. Life can sure come at you. Praying for Neva’s swift recovery. Hang in there Jay.


  5. …all Canadian VW bug owners wish you both a speedy and full recovery….our thoughts and prayers are with you….


  6. Charles P. Keefer December 1, 2019 at 9:49 am

    Pray for a speedy recovery
    Chuck, Holly MI


  7. Mike or fingerlakesmike December 1, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way and hopes for a full recovery.
    God Bless you Neva and Jay


  8. Hoping and praying for a good outcome. Very thankful that Jay quickly recognized what was happening and rushed Neva to a very good hospital for immediate treatment.


  9. Jay and Neva, you are in our prayers for a speedy recovery. May God bless you and your family. Despite this physical setback, I trust that Neva’s faith in the saving grace of Jesus is strong and healthy!


  10. Praying for a speedy recovery. Love you both.


  11. “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” My heart goes out to you Jay. Take one day at a time.


  12. Jay, I will always be grateful for your generous advice about vintage VWs. My payers for the healing of your beloved wife.


  13. I’m sorry to learn about this news. I send my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  14. Prayers of strength, comfort, understanding and HIS healing power flood over Neva, Jay and the entire Salser family.


  15. Hi Jay and Neva,
    I never forget the quick friendship that formed when we discovered ’67 Beetle. You guys taking turns, eh? Modern medicine is incredible and I’ve known many cases of stroke victims rehabilitated well.
    I share your appreciation for your wife, in my own life.
    I can’t remember if you get my column by email or just view the blog, but the one that comes out this week is fitting for your trials and our past conversations. Maybe a lot to read, but I know a lot of waiting is ahead that needs a distraction.
    You two are really one and Dawn and I pray you remain whole, in a selfish way. We need you.
    Here is that column:

    Thank You Governor Bradford

    Thanksgiving was declared first in 1624 after a bountiful harvest in Plymouth Colony. In present times, Thanksgiving begins The Salvation Army’s campaign enabling us to help others we’ve never met.

    When the Pilgrims arrived in 1620, the natives taught them how to survive in their new home. They planted corn and it did well. But their system of ownership had followed them from England.

    The land was held in common and all were expected to work according to their ability. The crops were then collected and shared among those who needed them.

    The next two years were disastrous. William Bradford wrote a journal describing the travails of the colony. Over half the colonists perished from malnutrition. Governor Bradford documented how able bodied men refused to work because others benefited from their labor.

    In 1623 The Governor divided the colony, giving each individual the right to produce what they could and keep and trade as they saw fit. The next several years saw such abundance that the former starving colonists shared with the natives who had helped some of them survive their socialist government.

    The history of that journal is interesting. The British seized the meeting house where it was stored during the colonists’ war of secession we now call the Revolutionary War. In 1844 the manuscript was found in the library of the Bishop of London. Now you can buy it on Amazon.

    The agricultural economy in England and much of Europe failed to provide bounty for over a hundred years after that. They didn’t have a William Bradford to help them discover the wonders that private property can provide.

    As my recruits and I ring the bell at Fareway, people passing by will remember the hard times that most of us have experienced. They will remember the ones who helped them and decide it is their turn.

    It is about time I acknowledged and thanked those who have helped me. First of all, every single person I meet inspires me with the joy of human fellowship.

    Thank you to former publisher Brad Hicks, who gave me the opportunity to write this column ten years ago. Thank you to those who read it. Thank you to the paper for seeing the value in it enough to continue to publish it. Thank you to Governor William Bradford for discovering the miracle of private property.

    Most importantly there is my wife Dawn, who proofs it for grammar and also for whether it communicates my ideas to people who have better things to do than read nonsense. My grandpa’s neighbor, when I inquired about “that girl on the horse” was correct 40 years ago and is today. She’s still too “goody-good” for me. So I keep trying harder, like the survivors of Plymouth Colony.


  16. You are both in our hopes and prayers. Ron & Diane


  17. John E. Lautemann December 1, 2019 at 11:47 am

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Hope this is a small bump in the road and that you both continue with a long and happy life. Be well.


  18. Wow. One minute you’re taking a time out preparing for round two of Thanksgiving, the next you’re on the way to the hospital. I’m praying for Neva, you, and your daughter for strength and a quick healing. God is good!


  19. Butch & Kathy Wyrick December 1, 2019 at 11:48 am

    Were all so saddened to hear of Neva’s stroke, may God Bless her and Hopefully Neva has a 100% recovery very soon . Butch & Kathy


    1. So many comments coming in from all over the world. Thank you, guys! I know this is going to lift Neva’s spirit.


  20. Richard A. (Dick) Diaz December 1, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Jay, Neva and Family,

    Carolyn, Arron and I are saddened to hear this news about Neva! You both were there for us when Arron was nearly taken from Our Family. Your kind words, thoughts and spiritual support assisted my Family and I hope that the 1967 VW Community can bring comfort and healing to the Salser Family!


    Dick, Carolyn and Arron Diaz


  21. Good care, positive attitude and lots of prayer are an unbeatable formula.
    With that you will be well and up and running soon.


  22. Jay,

    You both are in our prayers and we hope Neva is back on her feet again soon. Tell her she still has to share some more baking recipes with Charmagne.


  23. Neva and Jay,
    Our prayers are with the Salser family for a quick recovery. Jay and Eric, please keep your entire VW family up to date as time permits. Felix and Aurora.


  24. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Jay and Neva about a week ago at their home, sharing wonderful conversation about life, God and Volkswagens and enjoying some of Neva’s superb pecan pie. As we know from the excellence of the articles they share on this site, they are excellent, sharing people. We are praying for Neva, Jay and family and wish for a full recovery.


  25. You have had a tough year friend. You have stayed strong, as I am sure Neva will also. So much family support, faith, and friends to help.
    I will be praying for Neva and family.

    Richard and Lynn Lee


  26. I apologize for not giving a longer comment–but I believe that what I say here is representative of Neva’s Progress: Thank you all for continued concern for our Neva! The out-pouring of concern and encouragement has been just amazing!!!

    The recovery has gone exceedingly well. The Staff has been very keen to oversee Neva’s recovery.

    Neva has regained her speech–she may miss a word here or there–but nothing that wasn’t already occurring with us 81-year-olds.

    She began working with her right hand, particularly, using small objects to roll in her fingers, a tiny plastic flute with which she actually played two authentic tunes and–the culmination of skill trials–to write. She wrote her name with very little trouble. Then, she wanted to attempt a cross-word puzzle and exclaimed: “I did it, I did it!” Meaning that she was able to enter the correct letter into one of the small cross-word boxes!

    She has taken a few steps–although her right leg is weakened.

    She has been moved to a private room. I believe that she will be better able to rest–away from the ICU Hub where it is so busy.

    Our daughter and I finally left about 9 PM but will be back in the morning. We will continue staying with her until she is discharged either to a rehab facility or to home. We won’t know for a bit, yet.

    I will update as I can. Heading now to bed and will resume tomorrow at Neva’s bedside. Thank all of you for your concern and support.


    jay salser


  27. I apologize for my previous post here with my article. It came to mind because of my thankfulness of my wife at the end of it. I felt a kinship (correct word?) with your relationship with Neva. You are certainly not alone. I’m so glad I stayed up late for this encouraging news. All us ’67 bug heads are right with you. We need you.


  28. Salut Jay! I am sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Courage and victory to Neva for a full recovery. God Bless you Neva and Jay


  29. Good Thoughts and wishes


  30. Prays for Neva ! good bless.


  31. Hello, All…

    Today was a red-letter day. Neva did a lot of walking–she had taken only a few steps before today. We observed her from front and rear to watch her right foot and leg. We are so happy to report great progress–walking appears to be “near normal” However, she reported feeling tired after walking–especially the first time when it was an extended walk.

    There is talk of her release tomorrow (Wed. Dec. 3rd). We must process the information available as to her post-hospital care. There are several options and we want the best one–with a neurological emphasis as well as “simple” physical therapy. That’s the big question which must be answered tomorrow.

    As well–no cause has been established for the stroke–yet. This is not a “mystery” which intrigues us–we’d rather know the cause and try to avoid its recurrence, of possible.

    Neva continues to be in great spirits! She is practicing writing as well as manipulating small objects with her weakened right hand. She is ordering her meals via the hospital phone and can open the containers and feed herself.

    There are several physical hurdles to jump. All of the above are the concerns we have presently. We realize that there is going to be more to her physical healing than simply getting into the car and coming home.

    To that end–we solicit your continued prayerful concern. All of you have been so wonderful to encourage us. We are so blessed to have so many friends to help us through this bad time. Thank you for responding by phone calls and messages. I apologize that I am unable to write personally to each of you. I read the messages to Neva (tonight when I got home, I read a bunch to her over the phone). She is so grateful to each of you.

    I will up-date further as I have news and time to pass it along.

    Blessings on all of you Dear Friends!

    Jay for Neva and me


  32. We cling to life–we hold it dear to our hearts. But, we know that this physical life is not forever. We tread lightly. And, we thank God, the Giver of Life, as He sustains us. We are back in our home. We live a bit differently now–new medicines, new doctors and, even, new aims in life. Neva’s recovery has been phenomenal–both to the Salser Family and to the medical staff who cared for her. As a Physical Therapist put it–“We give you a Gold Star!” I want to thank each of you for being concerned for Neva. YOU are dear to US.
    Thank you for participating in Neva’s life! jay for the both of us


    1. “It’s Neva here humbly thanking you each one for your shower of blessings on us during our crisis that has turned out for our blessings also in an amazing recovering of movement, speech, and recovering strength. Best of all blessings of family, friends, and our merciful God.
      With my love from Neva”


  33. Praise Our Lord Neva and Jay for His miracle healing for you both.
    He is not ready to call you home – He has more work for you both
    So Thankful for both of you


  34. Jay and Neva,
    We are ready for another update, please.


  35. The weather for today looked rather bleak. We were supposed to meet some fellow VW-ers. I decided that the ’67 Beetle could take the weather. “Neva”, I said–“I will drive us in the Bug tomorrow, even if it rains”. “Why?”, she responded in a rather hurt voice! “I can drive!” Well, to be truthful, she had not driven since the stroke. She won–I lost. She has shown no signs that she could NOT drive, so…..she drove herself to the meeting. And had a great time with our Volkswagen friends! Folks, Neva is doing everything she did before the stroke and more. She has a physical exercise regimen which she does daily. Mainly it is for strengthening the legs.
    I am not seeing any stumbling–for which I am grateful. I am certain that she feels the family scrutiny, but she does not complain. We daily thank God for His blessing of her restored health. We know that we won’t live forever–but for the present, God is leaving her with us. Thank you–each of you–who have written and called to inquire and to encourage. You each are a blessing to us! jay for neva


  36. We are so thankful to hear of Neva’s recovery!


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