For Sale — Restored Genuine BOSCH Short Coils for ’67 Beetles

'67 Beetle short coil

Genuine BOSCH Short Coils for ’67 Beetles. Professionally restored and measure the proper resistance (in ohms) as well as spark. Each coil is tested in my own ’67. (Fits Beetles ’67-’74) VW part number: 311- 905 -115. Quantities are limited, as good working cores are hard to locate.

I can also restore your own unit (both 6V & 12V) as well as offer a core exchange Please email for more detailed information.

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A general note
Coils basically have no moving parts other than electrical current. The only way a VW coil will go bad is a sudden excessive surge of electricity that could fry the coil windings. Another way would be crossing the positive and negative wires to the coil. This will fry the wire loom and cause a break in the interior loop of the coil.

Additional photos

'67 Beetle short coil

'67 Beetle short coil


’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Restored Bosch Short Coils

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  1. Eric, here is some info the die hard 67 owners will love. Starting in October 1966 with chassis #117 207 566, the 12V coil on the 1500cc Beetle now has two spade terminals at terminal 15 (previously only one).

    We can add coils to the early vs. late Beetle parts list.

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