Quality Fuel Tank Sending Units

I receive a few emails a month asking about fuel tank sending units for the ’67 beetle. My ’67 still has its original unit. However, I have helped a few friends install the aftermarket versions. The troubles I’ve seen are; incorrect fuel levels, fuel vapor and overall poor quality. If you can’t locate a German unit, we have it in stock.

“Is your fuel tank gauge not quite on the level? Or, worse yet, perhaps your early Beetle cabin is reeking with fuel vapor? If so, the problem may be your fuel tank sending unit. Over time, the pivot point of the unit can wear, causing a release of fuel vapors that ultimately find their way into the passenger cabin. Conversely, cracks can form in the float device to cause the level indicator of your fuel gauge to read inaccurately. Unlike other aftermarket versions, our new reproduction units are made as original. Molded from high compression zinc die-cast housing, and properly sealed to prevent escape of nasty fuel vapors.

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™
The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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