’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Engine Lid Latch Dust Cover

'67 Beetle Engine Lid Latch Dust Cover

Ok, so you think that your ’67 Beetle has all of the specific ’67 one year only parts? Think again. Open your engine lid and look up at the engine lid latch. Is there a rubber dust cover over the latch? Chances are, there isn’t.

This protective cover was prone to cracking in the center which leads it to eventually falling off never to be seen again. It took me a while to track one down but they are out there. I put a drop of a high temp adhesive on mine to hold it in place.

Now here is some good news. The part number 211 827 261A, which was used on later Type II’s is an exact match. You can find it here.

So that’s my good VW deed for the day. Happy ’67 motoring.

'67 Beetle Engine Lid Latch Dust Cover.

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I’ve been fascinated with Volkswagen’s since I received my first Beetle matchbox car in 1976 at the age of four. In fact I still have it today. My first car was a VW and I have always owned at least one in the twenty five years that I’ve been driving. My total to date is thirteen and three of those have been 1967 Beetles. I own two 1967 Beetles at the present time as well as two other vintage VW’s. My pride and joy is my '67 which I restored from the ground up. I have been researching and collecting information specifically to the '67 model year for the past eighteen years. I love to collect VW literature and I own every issue of Hot VW' s Magazine.

10 thoughts on “’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Engine Lid Latch Dust Cover

  1. You are SO very right, Jody. I have tracked down a few of these. To find one in un-split condition is difficult. I have seen more of these on T-2s, as you indicate, rather than on T-1s.

    Here’s to “VW Super-Sleuthing”!

  2. I’ve found several at swap meets. Usually there’s a box full of deck lid latches, usually T2.. Buy the latch and all for cheap. Its always fun finding 67 only pieces.

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