Congrats Circle The Wagen!

Not exactly ’67 Beetle specific. However, I’d like to send a big thanks for the vintage Volkswagen community for helping Circle the Wagen become a reality.

“CIRCLE THE WAGEN is our feature-length documentary/love-letter to the vintage Volkswagen subculture in America—that close-knit underground community for whom the joy of driving is the joy of living.

Five years ago, my good friend Dave was planning to move back to LA after living in NYC for several years. Most people in the same situation would buy a plane ticket. Dave bought a bus. A 1972 Volkswagen bus on eBay for $787 dollars.

A short flight to Des Moines, a grueling twenty-hour drive (that should have been about six), and three breakdowns later Dave found he and his baby blue transporter stranded outside of Tulsa, OK. It was only at this point that Dave, like a normal human being, bought that plane ticket back to LA.

But, as fate would have it, three short months later Dave found himself back in Tulsa to pick up the bus—now affectionately dubbed “The Croc”—with Charlie Pecoraro, myself, an RV packed with film equipment and a merry band of movie-making miscreants, and the adventure that we have come to know as Circle the Wagen had begun.

The mission was simple, or so it seemed: get that baby blue VW bus back to LA using the highways and byways of old 66, the “Mother Road.” Needless to say, the three months of sitting in a church parking lot in Tulsa did nothing to improve the mechanical condition of the the Croc. But it was through the countless breakdowns, backfires, and blow-outs all across Middle America that the unexpected heart of Circle was revealed: a vast network of regular folks, VW owners themselves, who, out of the goodness of their heart and a deep love for these iconic vehicles, rescue perfect strangers who have been stranded by their beloved rust bucket.”

I can’t wait to see film.

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