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Just a quick mention. Our good pal Chris Vallone over on the East Coast just got covered on Fox News. Even better, he’s featured with a fantastic L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle.

I still don’t think the new Beetle will ever come close to such a timeless classic as the vintage Beetle. What do you think?

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

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  1. Saw this! Cool. Congrats to Chris V


  2. Good on Chris,
    I’m still not there yet either. I can see a guy driving around in a classic bug but even my 14 year old son says that the new bugs look like chick cars and I have to agree. I would rather spend the 24 grand on a perfectly restored original or for a bigger garage to put it in…


  3. Thanks Timm!
    Russ, I’d have to agree. I don’t think I could ever waste as much $ on a new Beetle when I could have an early oval or split.


  4. The new Beetle is Rad!!!! There is certainly nothing like the original, but if you have to drive a modern day car… Why not make it the new one!!!


    1. I’d never waste my $ on a new Beetle, when I could spend that $ on another perfect restored classic.


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