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L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

L282 Lotus White '67 Beetle

Originally listed and sold through KGF Classic Cars, this ’67 Beetle is an interesting find that I wanted to share. They say a photo (and video) is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, I’ll let these do their justice. Feel free to chime in with any comments. Oh my, I think I see SB12 on the headlight rings. I need a cold shower.

Chrome window trim, chrome bumpers, bumper guardians, bumper rails, bezel vents, sill vents, chrome wheel covers, chrome driver’s door mirror, chrome waist strip, chrome bonnet line, running boards, horn pad with Wolfsburg crest, emergency flashers, interior light, padded dash, assist straps, headlight flasher, glove box, door pockets, twin sun visors, grab handle. Optional extras; White wall tyres, seat belts, vent wings.

This astonishingly beautiful Beetle is finished in Volkswagen Lotus White (code L-282). The stunning paintwork has a brilliant pure shine and a smooth high quality finish extending to all internal painted sections. This 1967 registered example is a factory correct 1966/67 model year crossover with components and specification shared between both model years. Pre ’67 model year fitments include the older style push button door handles, red turn signal lenses, non-external fuel filler, absence of hood vents, absence of push button hood handle and the older style lower sited bumpers with ‘towel rail’ extender rails. In contrast the revised ’67 features fitted to the car include the emergency flashers, slotted wheels, rear window openers and larger blade two-speed wipers. Perfect originality can be witnessed in items such as the SD12 Hella headlamp rings and Hella reverse lights. A remarkable ‘hybrid’ example that is wonderfully preserved and truly represents the factory build specification.

The black leatherette upholstery has remained exactly as Volkswagen intended with no modification whatsoever. The original seats, remarkably well cared for throughout years of cherished ownership have suffered no damage at all and the structure of each seat has retained all integrity to offer surprising comfort! The factory original steering wheel with Wolfsburg crest and horn bar is immaculate, as are all additional functions and controls. All matching door cards and black carpeting is spotlessly clean, as is the headlining which is intact and free from discolouration. A delightful touch of originality in the form of the temporary km/h plastic overlay on the speedometer relates to the cars initial months of touring Europe and can either remain on proud display or be removed at the new owners discretion. A truly fantastic testament to years of fastidious and cherished ownership.

The air-cooled rear mounted engine is housed in a beautifully clean engine bay with an emphasis on originality and meticulous maintenance clearly evident. A power output of 53bhp and 78.1ib.ft of torque from its 1493cc displacement delivers a top speed of 78mph and 32mpg, whilst the unmistakable VW Beetle engine note is delightfully pronounced but completely unobtrusive. The fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox of single plate dry clutch type operates perfectly offering light and precise progression throughout the range.

VW Firing Order Poster

I’ve not seen many (if any) vintage Volkswagen firing order posters, so I created one. It’s free, and can be downloaded in both PDF and JPG below. It can be printed up to 11×17. Be the envy of all your ’67 Beetle peers with this gem hanging in your garage.

Spark Plug photo: Bosch Media Service. (Allowed use)
Art direction / design: Eric Shoemaker

Is It For Sale?

Featured ’67 Beetle — Eric Shoemaker

I ran across the article below earlier, and have to totally agree with the conversation. If someone asked me if I were going to sell my own ’67, I would probably answer the same way.

“Nice car! Is it for sale?”
Well, sure it is for sale, everything has it’s price.

“How much are you asking?”
Well, it’ll cost you $15,312 in cash, plus you’ll need to give me 8 years of your spare time, roughly 6 hours per week, I’d say. After that there is another 2 hours per week of time in front of the computer, surfing vendor sites and asking questions on newsgroups. Then I’ll need another $233.17 for long distance phone charges to parts suppliers and private sellers, gas to and from VW shows, parts I broke and wrong parts that I ordered (but you can have those, I saved them). You will also need to fix the broken window in the garage and assorted other damage from flying tools. You will have to get the acetone burns off the kitchen table and those grease stains off the new family room carpet (near the fireplace).

Then you will need to somehow get my kids to unlearn six or seven swear words that they are starting to repeat when they think I’m not around, and then you will need to pay my wife. You will owe her about 77 nights renting a movie and sitting on the couch (watching but not listening to the movie, gossiping about friends instead), 14 ‘quiet’ dinners after the kids are in bed and some kind of compensation to her for the time we drove halfway across Maryland on the way back from my parents after Christmas to find that guy selling the set of barely-worn, wide whitewall Firestone 5.60x15s (the time the kids were screaming after being in the car for 12 hours and I refused to go straight home; ask her, she’ll remember). You will need to paint the house and take my kids to the McDonalds Playplace about 23 times. You need to shoot hoops with my son for about 7 hours total and go look at least 44 drawings that my daughter made.

You will also have to call at least a dozen friends of ours and re-arrange the dinners and cookouts we missed (I think one event was actually a wedding, you may need a suit). And you will have to go to my in-laws on 38 Sunday afternoons for dinner (food is actually pretty good though). You probably should also apologize to my neighbors for the times I was running the compressor well past midnight.

You will have to replace roughly 8 square inches of skin and sub-dermal tissue on my body, mostly from my hands, but one big chunk right above my eye. At least one skin graft for a severe post-welding burn will be needed. You need to re-pay 3 of my friends somehow for favors involving sweating and swearing, and loan them at least 6 of your tools, 2 of them you may never see again. I’ll need 19 T-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shorts and one nice collared polo shirt (shouldn’t have been working in that one anyway).

2013 So Cal Vintage Treffen

So Cal Vintage Treffen

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words. In this case, we have a fantastic story to tell. The So Cal Vintage Treffen took place on September 8th, 2013. I wasn’t able to attend this year. However, our contributing So Cal photographer and good pal Timm Eubanks was on location, camera in hand. A huge thanks to him for providing his talent and time to

“After visiting events in Germany like Bad Camberg and Hessisch Oldendorf, we wanted to bring an old German atmosphere together with strictly Vintage Volkswagens. The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California is a true “old school” German Cultural Club, as well as the perfect host for an event like this. The So Cal Vintage Treffen is limited to 1957 and earlier Beetles and “Press Bumper” Busses, 1959 and earlier Karmann Ghias, Military Vehicles and early coachbuilts. Our first event held in September 2007 turned out to be a big success, and the plan is to hold it every other year opposite the Solvang Vintage Meet put on by the Golden Gate Chapter of the VVWCA. So if you have an old VW collecting dust in the garage and you want to show it off, or if you’re just looking for an excuse to have an authentic German Bratwurst and beer… the So Cal Vintage Treffen is just the place for you.”

Safer Motoring

’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Safer Motoring

Here’s a fantastic article sent over from Matthew Keen in the UK. Safer Motoring features the first mention about the 1500 ’67 Beetle. Click on the images below for a closer look.
Happy Friday!