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’67 Volkswagen Beetle Insurance

Eric and I corresponded with the owner of a ’67 Beetle which had been wrecked. The owner immediately had contacted his insurance agent who sent an adjuster to view the damaged vehicle. The result was

’67 Beetle Proper Engine Cooling

Eric of messaged me recently with a diagnostic situation. Eric explained that he was hearing a strange sound in his engine. He even made a short video of his running engine. I listened, heard “something”, but

’67 Beetle Valve Clearance — .006 or .004?

Often times, Jay and I will be having conversations around specific aspects of ’67 Beetle restoration. Big or small, Jay has an article crafted in a day or two for the world to see. His

’67 Volkswagen Beetle Hubcap Install

Hello, ’67 Beetle community. Our friend Chris Vallone over at Classic VW Bugs in NY sent over this quick video about installing hubcaps on your vintage VW. The ’66-’67 caps are a bit harder to

Vintage Volkswagen Battery Care

I receive frequent questions about batteries, battery care and installation. Here a few of the tips which I dispense when I answer. Know your battery! Check your receipt, if you still have it, to learn