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Vintage Volkswagen Beetle Fuel Pressure

Another fantastic and well articulated article from Jay Salser. Our timing lights are pointed in your direction. Thank you for all you do here at I commonly hear the words—“I had a vapor lock!” We

The 1967 Beetle Fuel System

The Fuel System of an air-cooled Volkswagen is not a complicated System. But, there are some Fuel Issues which continue to plague the VW Community—some of them easily resolved with a little bit of thinking

Are My Vintage VW Front Fenders German?

Not a week goes by here at without someone sending photos of their vintage pride and joy, fresh from bodywork and paint. More times than not, their car has an aftermarket front fender. If

’67 Beetle Fuel Hose Clamp Tool

When talking about working on the Fuel System of our Beetles, one of the greatest concerns we have is Fuel Spillage. Gasoline is a wonderful “invention” but one which we should respect because of its

30 PICT 1 Main Jet Configuration

A Volkswagen friend in England recently e-messaged me about a situation with his carburetor. His is a 28 Pict-1 but the situation is identical to that of the 30 Pict-1 carburetor. The proposed problem deals