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2013 So Cal Vintage Treffen

Friday, we visit Lenny’s West Coast Classics Restoration Shop. In continuation of the So Cal Vintage Treffen coverage, good pal Chris Vallone in NY just sent over some footage from his journey out West. A

The American Graffiti Car Show

Sent over by our good pal Tom Griffin, Jeremy Goodspeed of Goodspeed Motoring was spotted with a ’67 Beetle chassis at The American Graffiti car show in Modesto yesterday. The show was sponsored by Kiwanis International (of which Jeremy is


2012 Fall Foliage Air-Cooled Beetle Cruise

East Coast pal Chris Vallone of Classic VW Bugs just had his Fall Foliage Convoy Cruise into the Hudson Valley. He drove his freshly restored ’67 Beetle. Enjoy.

2011 Alameda Classic Car Show

The 18th Annual Park Street Classic Car Show took place on Saturday, October 8. More than 400 classic vehicles were on display in Alameda’s historic downtown district. Classic cars of every description lined Park Street