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Kenneth Yeo’s ’67 Beetle


Our good bud, Kenneth Yeo of Singapore sends the following summary of a recent Volkswagen Reunion. Upon reviewing Ken’s Featured Article, you can realize the importance of this event. Owning and maintaining a Volkswagen in Singapore is extremely expensive.

Hope this finds you well. Just keeping in touch and happy to have just returned from a local VW meet up. Celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of independence, we organized a breakfast meet, swap and drive where 38 air-cooled VWs showed up. Some extremely rare Ghias, Kombis and Type 3s made for a great atmosphere (well, rare in Singapore). This is probably the biggest turnout in over 10 years.

More importantly, we managed to get the four surviving ’67 Beetles together after about 12 years. :) Someone was always too busy. All are still largely stock, with their original registration plates, and driven daily. I attach a few pics of our event, including the four ’67s.

Keep bugging! :)

The Journey of a ’67 Beetle Fender

unnamed-1Not too long ago, I seemed to have a pile of German ’67 Beetle front fenders. I’m not sure if it was living in Nor Cal at the time or what. But, hoarding became an issue so I decided to put out some smoke signals to the ’67 Beetle community. In case you don’t already know, German ’67 Beetle front fenders are getting harder and harder to find.

I started to receive inquiries. However, I had this sensitivity towards these fenders. What if they ended up on some chopped Baja, or a slammed hood ride. To each his own. It’s just that you can’t walk into a dealership and buy one of these cars. Those days are long gone. We have to do what we can to protect all ’67 Beetles.

Finally, our good bud Mike Buettell came into the picture. He was interested in my collection for his own ’67 that our friend Lenny Copp was about to begin. I felt confident they would go to a good home. Mike drove almost 1,000 miles to meet with me to pick them up. He event took a drive in my own ’67 Beetle. We joked about the idea of, “what if these fenders could talk?” Would they speak of the beauty of coming off the ship from Germany, making their first drive on the US market? Ah the history of these great cars.

The best part is, it’s all because of When I created this project, I had no idea so many people would take interest around the world. So, here we are. Thanks for that.

Mike explains below the continued journey of these fenders, long after they left my hands.

Finish Your Plates — Restoration Services

Digging in the archives here at, we wanted to put this fantastic article in the spotlight once again.

Brian, tell me a little about yourself and how Finish Your Plates began?
Well, I’m 34 years old and a single dad of a ten year old daughter. Finish Your Plates is my full-time job. I have lived in Tennessee all my life, the Chattanooga area for roughly 24 years and in Cleveland the last ten. I started restoring plates in 2006 after selling off a bunch of stuff on eBay I had no use for. I discovered the popularity of vintage plates at this time. I was very amateur in the beginning and for years to come, nearly all the way through 2010 before a great breakthrough in quality came.

Austin Air Coolers – June, 2015

IMG_1503They say a photo is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, I’ll let these do their justice.
Thanks to all that came out to the Austin Air Coolers meet up.  June, 2015

Photos: Matt Jackson

Tim Mossman’s ’67 Beetle & Steven Spielberg

Timm Mossman's '67 Beetle & Steven Spielberg

Congrats to follower of and good bud, Tim Mossman. Our timing lights are pointed in your direction.

Last Friday I got a call from a fellow who is a classic car “agent”. His business is called Reel cars, and he supplies classic cars to the movie industry in Vancouver. I registered on his site a few years ago. Well, he tells me Steven Spielberg is in town filming a Disney movie called “The BFG” (Big Friendly Giant) and he’s looking for a bug to use in his movie. He either wanted a dark colored bug or a light colored bug. Well, guess, what? He picked mine!

It’s in the studio here in Vancouver for a week and will appear in a scene designed to look like a Copenhagen Street. It’s being filmed here. The movie will be released in July 2016. Watch for my Zenith Blue 67!

Off to the studio!