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YOM Vintage Volkswagen Plates


It’s emails like this that make me smile. Thinking back, I really had no big vision for I was working in San Francisco, CA at a design agency. Many late nights pushing pixels for things I didn’t believe in; I’d be thinking about my own ’67 Beetle restoration and working with my hands. The idea of “maybe I should create a site to share my own story” happened organically. Anyway.. Thank you. -E


Just wanted to say hello and say that your efforts to honor and revere the 1967 Beetle is much appreciated. To that end, I thought I would share this with the rest of our 1967 Beetle brothers and sisters out there. My first Bug was in 1964.

The short story: I recently scored what I consider to be The Holy Grail of personalized license plates, in my case – 1967 BUG These were obtained through the recently activated California DMV “Legacy” program. They cost $50 for the initial order, then a $40 annual retention fee, plus annual registration, my total: $120 (my original annual registration was only $18) Took about six months to get plates and I had to pick them up at my local DMV as I was required to turn in my old White plates. Even the DMV lady was really Jazzed when she saw them. I asked her for the original DMV envelope which she was about to toss. The “Legacy” program is separate and different from the DMV “YOM” (Year of Manufacture) program which allows a corresponding year of old and non-registered plates to be re-assigned. Jerry

The longer story

A little over a year ago the California State Legislature finally passed the California “Legacy” license plate series program, which gave the DMV the go ahead to issue special sequential and custom personalized license plates from/for three important base plate issue time periods in California beginning with the: 1) 1956 to 1962 series of Yellow field with 6 black characters, steel plate. 2) Then the 1963 to 1969 series, Black field with 6 yellow characters, steel plate (some very late plates were aluminum). 3) Last of the three was the 1970 to 1980 series Blue field with 6 yellow characters, aluminum plates.

The “Legacy” program came to fruition through the long-time and tireless efforts of many dedicated car collectors and car clubs, including The Alfa Romeo Association of America, of which I am also a member.

The California DMV based their “Legacy” production offering on how many pre-orders they received for a given series to make start-up production practical. Their minimum number was 7500 pre-orders The only series reaching this requirement was the 1963 to 1969 Black plate series, debatably the most important period of the three. So, this means that a collector can now have a brand new set of correct era, reissue California license plates in either standard sequential or custom layout for their Muscle Cars and other Customs. The “Legacy” series Black plates look exactly the same as the original 1963-1969 base plates, but utilize reflective black paint and are missing the “63” year stamped in the indent recess for the year and month sticker.

I, of course, originally wanted the personalized plate version that read: 1967 BUG, sort of the Holy Grail of Beetle plates, but in checking on-line discovered it wasn’t available because it was already registered in the “Vanity” white personalized plate program from some years earlier. So, I opted for “1967 VW”, which was available according to the DMV database online. But, when I went to pay for it online, I could not complete my credit card transaction because the site was having technical problems, not uncommon for them. Being after hours, I called the DMV in Sacramento the next morning and was transferred to the Specialized Plate section, “Legacy” series program.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Thanks for following for the last 6 years.

Also, a special thank you to Jay Salser for his continued support, endless phone conversations and friendship. Chime in below and let us know what you’d like to talk about in 2016. One year only parts? NOS coils? Reverse lights? The VW 105-1 30 PICT 1? The list never ends with the ’67 Beetle.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle – Insurance Coverage

IMG_0965We have a reader of that’s currently dealing with an insurance issue. I’d like some feedback from the ’67 Beetle community on this topic, as I know he currently has some struggles getting an agreed value for the car. We all know that these gems are rising in value each year. Your comments will help document for future readers. What’s your ’67 Beetle insured for? Have you had insurance issues in the past? Let’s keep it to facts, if possible.

I had a back fire which caused fire on my baby. Fortunately, the fire department was close by and no damage to engine; just parts as seen in pictures. I had comprehensive insurance with _ _ _ _ and they are evaluating value of VW bug before fire at $4,000 and repairs at $2,500. I need help to evaluate value and cost of repairs. If ratio of cost of repairs divided by value of bug is greater then 70% then considered a loss. The purpose of comprehensive insurance was to be able to restore her.

Chris Vallone’s L000 ’67 Beetle (Update)

An update from the earlier mention of our good friend Chris Vallone’s ’67 Beetle build. I need to catch up with him, but I believe he’s going the correct ’67 L518 Java Green. It looks like the build is coming along nicely.

This car was found in north NJ in Mid 2012. This baby is rock solid and should need little body work.  This is a numbers matching Body, Chassis, Motor, ’67 Beetle.  This is a very solid DRY car, worth putting some bucks into to make it killer.

Gavin LaMaide’s (Show Winning) ’67 Beetle

photo 4

Editors note: Sorry for the delay here at We are finally moved back to our hometown of Atlanta, GA and are slowly coming back online. There are boxes and VW parts everywhere! It’s a huge mess. In fact, my own ’67 Beetle is resting in my Dad’s garage until I have time to make room for it at our new (very very old) house. Thanks, Gavin for the article.

Hello 1967,

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in a Fall Festival Car Show. I was ready to go the night before washing, waxing, and taking care of little things I thought would earn accolades from the judges. The next morning it looked as if it would be a beautiful fall day —in fact I’d say it was perfect! I got to the event early, 8:15am and already I was the twenty second car to register. The registration booth volunteers were tense as several parking volunteers had not shown up. In any case they had to make room for 100+ cars.

I quickly realized I had just entered a car show featuring muscle cars and very expensive modified cars from the 30’s & 40’s. These cars were perfect! I honestly felt as if I was in the midst of a Barrett-Jackson sanctioned event! A few of the cars were for sale like a 69’ Camaro for $19,500. I watched as more and more cars poured in and some John Deere tractors as well, sharing the day at the show. I walked around and realized my 67’ was not only the lone Beetle, it was the only Volkswagen at the show…

It was a fun and delightful group of participants. Shaking hands, sharing greetings and testosterone driven discussion of the 442, posi traction hot rod stuff you would expect.

The show wore on. One gentleman in particular walked up to the ol’ bug with a big huge smile and said, “I used to sell these back in the day…I haven’t seen a 67’ like this since I left the dealership!” He proceeded to verbalize the list of one-year parts. He new his stuff. He even made it a point to lift the deck lid and check if the latch dust cover was there! I could hear this guy thinking, recalling his long lost youth. It was so much fun to reminisce with him.