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We’re Moving. Next Stop, Austin, TX

We are Moving. Next Stop, Austin, TX
Some of you may already know, but is relocating to Austin, TX. We’ve been in the SF Bay Area 5 years, and it’s time for the next adventure! If you’re local to the Austin, TX area, please say hello. We’d love to connect with other vintage Volkswagen owners.

Also, I’d like to thank every ’67 Beetle owner around the world that has helped us continue to grow. exists because of your shared passion for the best year vintage Volkswagen.

L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle Cruisin’

This video was filmed and submitted by reader and ’67 enthusiast Rees Klintworth. There’s nothing like the cadence of an air cooled engine.

Thank you very much for your contributions to Enjoy the drive.

Lisa Tucker’s Stolen ’67 Beetle Found

Lisa Tucker's Stolen '67 Beetle Found is happy to report that Lisa Tucker from Pelzer, South Carolina got her ’67 Beetle back.

It might not be the way it was originally, but at least it’s back.

That’s all that matters to this 10-year-old girl from Pelzer, South Carolina, who now has the car of her dreams home safe and sound after it was stolen on June 24.

“When I got home, I got out of the car and just screamed,” Lisa Tucker told the local FOX affiliate of her excitement after getting her beloved Volkswagen Beetle back.

The little girl spent her hard-earned $2,000 that she had collected from years of doing chores and helping out at her family’s scrap yard to finally purchase her pride and joy, a 1967 beetle, hoping to fix it up with her dad- and eventually one day when she’s older- drive it.

“You can tell they tried to put it in disguise because they spray painted it,” Lisa explained. “They spray painted the wheels. They used to be gold and now they’re silver … put new hub caps on them.”

The lights had also been removed and the VIN number was stripped from the car. But the community wasn’t fooled by the bug’s new makeover. Anonymous tips led the police to the vintage Beetle just days after it was stolen, helping get it returned to Lisa on Sunday.

Now that the bug is back with its rightful owner, the grateful young girl isn’t letting the car leave her sight.

“I want to keep it under my bed, close to me,” Lisa said. “I’m going to sleep in it.”

It’s too bad a lot of ’67 Beetles are stolen and lost forever. Our timing light it pointed in your direction, Lisa!

Our New ’67 Beetle Community Forum

I wanted to mention some additional functionality we’ve been working on here at; a full community forum. A lot of people have asked for it, and we’re happy to finally make it happen. A huge THANK YOU to my awesome, lovely wife Amanda (mama of our twins, I might add) for her non stop development efforts that keep everything on the back end running smoothly like the cadence of an air cooled engine.

You’re able to post and tag by the following categories: Beetle Stories, Classifieds, Events, Introductions, Restoration, Tech Talk, and General Discussion. Please take a moment to watch (full screen, if possible) the video above that explains how to properly post in the community forum. Comment below if you have questions. The big goal with our new forum is to knowledge share, as well as connect ’67 Beetle owners globally.

We look forward to seeing you in the forum. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about your vintage pride and joy.

The Volkswagen Beetle

Sent over by fellow ’67 Beetle enthusiast Marius Strom, this film is an important documentary of the car that is part of our human story. As you know, part of what is built on is sharing these iconic cars unique stories.

This is the greatest automotive story ever told. From race car to art car and grocery getter to road warrior, the VW Beetle has served humanity in ways only limited by the owner’s creativity and needs. The Beetle has enabled progress and captured the hearts and minds of the human race over the better part of the last century. A machine rooted in practicality that has brought love and stability where there was none. A car that fulfilled dreams and gave mobility to the masses. It’s become an icon, bringing smiles to faces around the globe.

With more than 21 million Beetles manufactured from 1938-2003, it was once ordinary and commonplace, where now its become more rare and has all but disappeared from the streets and highways (in most places). We hope to shoot this film in the countries where the Bug was widely produced and driven including, but not limited to, the USA, Germany, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.