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’67 Beetle owners and the stories behind their vintage Volkswagens.

Susan & Doug W’s ’67 Beetle

Tell us about the history of your ’67 Beetle? I’m always fascinated by the history of things. So I did some research, made calls, and pieced together a timeline of Fritzy III’s past life. Our

Stephan Ruiz’s ’67 Beetle

Tell us the history of your ’67 Beetle. As per the maintenance card for this VW, it was inspected and delivered to the original owner on January 6, 1967, at BOB SMITH VOLKSWAGEN in Hollywood,

Jaime Muñana’s ’67 Beetle

Jaime Muñana’s L639 Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle is fantastic piece of vintage Volkswagen history. In his own words… It was 1979 in So Cal and I was in my last year of high school. I was

Matthew Keen’s RHD ’67 Beetle

My Dad bought his ’67 VW Beetle new from Ashford near London. He asked for black (special order) and US Spec bumpers, the interior would be Indian red. He also bought white WEGU mud flaps

Greg Minuskin’s ’67 Beetle

Greg Minuskin recently reached out to to take a look at a ’67 Beetle he was considering purchasing. As it turns out, it’s a numbers matching L282 lotus white sunroof. After looking at a few