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’67 Beetle owners and the stories behind their vintage Volkswagens.

VW Life – L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle Rescue

The VW Life Crew are up to it again, rescuing a 1967 VW Beetle from a small town in Texas!  Luck would have it; there is almost no rust and the car is in overall good

Michael Roman’s L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Thanks for sharing your story with, Michael! The very first car I ever drove was a magical little ‘67 Bug. The year was 1981 and the poor little kafir had been driven hard and

Griffin G’s L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle

I have been a petrolhead since I could walk. Growing up, I had a constantly-evolving collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. That collection eventually grew further adding in 1/43 scale diecast cars from the

John Henshaw’s L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle

Thanks so much, John for sharing your story with So many readers from all over the globe enjoy these unique tales of the one year only vintage VW Beetle. Did you know that you too

Jody Sauvageau’s L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle

If you were following in 2015, you probably remember us doing an article about Jody Sauvageau’s L633 VW Blue ’67 Beetle. Fast FWD, a reader and follower currently has shared a new short montage