Featured ’67 Beetle — Beth Leverman; Progress Report


Do you believe in “genetic tendencies”? If you don’t, perhaps it’s time to rethink your position.

Beth Leverman, who is in the process of restoring her 1967 Beetle, may be all of the proof that we need to prove our case!

Recently, Beth’s father produced a photo of his wife and the two Leverman young boys. Although Beth’s father cannot recall exactly which year it might have been, the Beetle appears to be a 1965.

Beth has done some major work to the front sheet metal of her ‘67. She has obtained, among other parts, genuine German front fenders to replace those after-market ones. She even has been taking night courses at a local college to learn automotive body and painting skills. You give this girl a torch and she is going to cut-and-weld!

Featured ’67 Beetle — Beth Leverman

With bated breath, we all are awaiting the completion of her Beetle, tentatively named “Herr Schmidt”.

But, back to my story. You see, Beth had not yet been born when the above photo was snapped. Which goes to prove my theory of “genetic tendency”.

Are you with me yet?

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I’ve been driving and working on VWs for over 37 years. In fact, I raised my family in these cars. Now, I’m 75 years old and enjoy VWs as a hobby. The ’67 Beetle always has been my favorite year.

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  1. Beth purchased after-market replacement front sheet metal to repair some previous damage. As it often happens, the replacements did not fit well. She purchased original pieces from Don’s Bug Barn in Athens. At the school, she removed the damaged pieces and straightened the cowlings. Now, the German pieces can be welded into place and “Herr Schmidt” will be like new. I keep cheering Beth from the sidelines and have my camera ready for taking photos when this project is on the streets again! jay

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