The Original Fast ’67 Beetle Belt Change

Ken, aka “Volkswagnut” and I have gone back and forth in the past about his viral video changing a fan belt in 5 seconds. It’s just now I realized it is in fact a ’67 Beetle!

“How to change a ’67 Volkswagen generator fan belt in about 5 seconds. I was shown this trick a few years back by Reece Kelso. Kelso was the “VW” man around the Gaston County N.C. area in the 70’s.”

Happy Friday.

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Posted by Eric Shoemaker

Hello, I'm Eric. I started I also own Lane Russell, a leading supplier of VW parts for your classic Volkswagen restoration. I drive a '67 Beetle daily and love to share vintage Volkswagen stories with the world.

  1. Anyone ever tried this? I’d love to. :)


  2. 67! Don’t try this at home!


    1. Have you done it? Ha!


  3. From the 1986 movie Top Gun

    Hollywood: Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav.


  4. Hey Eric… Thanks for the props. Yes a 1967 Beelte was used in the filming of the video. The car has undergone a pan off reconditioning. It’s not back to original state, but mildly custom. It’s named “The Blue Bomber.”



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