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SOLD (In 4 hours) — Sapphire V ’67 Beetle Radio

sapphireHello ’67 Beetle community. I have an original (works very well) Sapphire V ’67 Beetle radio for sale. It’s been in my personal storage for many years. It has the correct  black faceplate and rare dealership black safety knobs. Please email if you’re interested.

Status: SOLD
Location: Austin, TX
Price: Inquire
Contact: Eric Shoemaker

Vintage Volkswagen Beetle — Buyer’s Guide

Although not ’67 Beetle specific, this video has some interesting points. One makes me laugh, which is the comment about getting the “best parts”. This Beetle clearly has cheap aftermarket replacement bumpers. It really amazes me so many cars are marketed as high end restorations when they clearly are not. I digress.

When buying a Volkswagen Beetle there are a few things you will want to check before the purchase. In this buyers guide Rob Sass addresses some important things you should know about owning a beetle things such as checking for rust and the availability of replacement parts.

Happy Friday!

SOLD — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

FOR SALE — L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle

Fresh on the market here at, this local Austin, TX L282 Lotus White ’67 Beetle is a gem. I love when the fender beading is correct, etc. Original cars are getting harder and harder to find. Who’s going to take this one home? Tons of fantastic photos below.

The car was originally purchased in September 1967, I am the fourth owner of the car. It was purchased in the 80’s from the original owner-this purchase restored the car superficially i.e. new paint, upholstery, cosmetic work. This owner had it until the early 2000’s where it was purchased by a woman who did not do much to it, just drove it to VW shows, etc. I purchased the car in January 2014.

I have all of the service records since the 1980’s including the work that was done by the second owner to spruce it up. I also have original service record stamps from the VW dealership in the original owner’s manual through May 1973 when the car hit 36,000 miles. Since I have owned the car, I have replaced the original generator with a new Bosch generator (in February 2014), and a new battery and Voltage regulator in November 2014. It has also been scrupulously maintained with all of it’s normal needs (valve adjustments, oil changes, etc.)

The odometer currently reads 94,464. I believe this to be original (i.e. it hasn’t turned over) but have no way of verifying this.

The car has many, many original features-too many to list. I guess it would be easier to say what has been replaced – the upholstery is from the 80’s (but seats are original), the generator, the voltage regulator, the radio, it has new carpeting in the hood, new tires.

It is mechanically sound and is my daily driver. It is reliable, has never broken down on me, driven in all-weather. The electric system is original and was next on my list to be replaced but I never got around to it. Gaskets, fan belt, and fuel line have been replaced as per regular maintenance demands.

Status: SOLD
Mileage: 94,464
Location: Austin, TX
Price: $8,500
Contact: Rebecca  |  512-375-0131

SOLD — Genuine Volkswagen Venetian Blinds

FOR SALE — Genuine Volkswagen Beetle Venetian Blinds
Hello, ‘67 Beetle community.

I have a Genuine Volkswagen Beetle (dealership accessory) rear window venetian blind for sale. It came from Australia and is in perfect shape. I had it in my ’67 Beetle for about 2 weeks but am now going a different direction. It comes in its original box and installs in about 5 min. These are made by the same company that made them long ago for VW. The fit and finish in the window is perfect, as you’d expect from Volkswagen.

The final sale will come with a tracking number shipped to your door. I can also can ship globally, but email first for a quote first.

Status: SOLD in 6 hours!
Price: $250 + shipping
Contact: Eric Shoemaker

Hermann Bonasch’s L456 Ruby Red ’67 Beetle Legacy

Hermann and Marcia at lunch Brittany garage with Carol

This is a special ’67 Beetle story from our good friend, Tom Griffin. But more importantly, it’s about Hermann Bonasch who was the original owner of this small wonder. Hermann recently made his journey home to heaven on July 6, 2015. I’d like everyone to pause for a moment of silence in his honor. The ’67 Beetle community around the world is thinking about you today.

Hermann was the original owner of the ’67 Beetle that sits in my garage. It was in that Beetle that his three kids learned to drive, learned how to experiment, and learned how many kids can fit into a Bug. Hermann Bonasch was a veterinarian when he purchased the car in 1967, and was soon to marry his dear wife, and lifelong champion, Marcia. At his memorial service, it was a treat to hear more about Hermann through the eyes of his friends, colleagues, and family. Many recalled how Hermann spoke clearly and directly; many more recalled how his actions were kind and purposeful. All told of a remarkable man.

Hermann 1960HermannHermann Bonasch in later years