’67 Volkswagen Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

’67 Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

Do you have the stock factory oil bath air cleaner on your car? Maybe you just bought a restored one from 1967beetle.com. Well, now that it’s sitting atop of your carburetor, where are those two pre heat hoses supposed to attach to? Do they just pass through the engine tin and dangle under the car?

1967 was the first year that the Beetle air cleaner had two pre heat hoses. Previous years had one, so some new parts had to be manufactured. First the rear engine tin had to have two holes to accommodate the hoses. Next, a new pre heat tube was made for the right side of the engine. It is shaped like a J. The left side uses a short straight tube, the same one as previous years.

These tubes attach to the engine via one of the nuts that bolts down the exhaust to the cylinder head. The tubes are routed though the cut outs in the lower engine tin.

’67 Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

Once the tubes are attached to the engine studs, the paper hoses from the air cleaner are simply slipped on. Warm air that is being passed by the cylinders will now be drawn through the tubes and hoses to the carburetor to help a cold engine run smoother.

’67 Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

Some of the parts you will need to have your pre heat system factory correct are available from our friends at Wolfsburg West:

Pre heat paper hose
Pre heat hose clip
Pre heat hose grommet

The metal tubes and correct tins will have to be purchased through an online enthusiast site, auction site or a VW swap meet.

’67 Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

’67 Beetle — Air Cleaner & Pre Heat Hoses

Happy ’67 motoring!

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