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Issue #5 of Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche Magazine has just arrived. It’s a special issue because it features a small business mention about It’s jam-packed with other great articles and is worth checking out. Below is the mention and some photos from the shoot. PhotographyAmanda Shoemaker.

“Aircooled Classics is a quarterly, interactive digital magazine with rich media content designed for a global audience. It’s packed with high quality vehicle and technical features, practical how-to content, history, news, events, motorsport and more.”

A big thanks to Paul Cave over at Air Cooled Classics in the UK for helping make the article happen.

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

4 thoughts on “Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche Magazine Features

  1. Really great article Eric. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’re doing for the vintage VW community. May you have continued success.

  2. Awesome Beetle! My very first car was a 69 Beetle…It took me 28 years but I finally got another one and this one is a ’67…I LOVE IT! I have a question though, I noticed yours has vented windows in the back. Is that original or is that after market? Mine seems to be a little of both and mine does not have the vent windows….

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