German Vintage VW Gravel Guards

Gravel Guards

As we continue sharing original ’67 Beetle accessories, our friend Sam Glen sent over some long lost Genuine parts from his own collection. Thanks so much for sending over, Sam!

I just wanted to show how the latest conversations on “collectibles” jogged my memory. I bought these German gravel guards well over 20 year ago, put them up in the shop and forgot about them. After reading the neat stories Jay and the other folks posted, it stirred my memory, and guess what I found them again!

Thanks, everyone. I really enjoy

Do you have a ’67 Beetle accessory you’d like to showcase?

’67 Volkswagen Beetle Snow Plow

Sent over by reader of, Brandon Barnard. It’s a cold morning here in Austin, TX. Jay and I were talking about this earlier. If you think about it, these old cars were designed for the cold weather. Just a slight bump of the key, and I was headed down the road this morning.

Are you seeing snow and ice in your area? Did you drive you ’67 Beetle to work today?

FOR SALE — 70MM ’67 Beetle Gas Cap

FOR SALE — 70MM '67 Beetle Gas Cap
Good morning, ’67 community.
I have a very nice 70MM gas cap for sale. (NOS, I believe) It includes a new seal.

Status: For Sale
Location: Austin,Texas
Price: $25 shipped | Non US, email for a quote.

Connecting ’67 Beetle Owners

Connecting '67 Owners

Sent over by reader of, Ryan B . We continue to help connect ’67 enthusiast around the world. This time, it’s to buy German parts. A score for our good bud, Mike Buettell who picked up a ’67 lobster claw seat belt. Seeing things like this make me smile. exist for this very reason. We will keep digging in the forgotten places around the world to connect every ’67 owner.

I thought you might dig these. I sold a driver’s side seat belt listed on your site yesterday to a fella named Mike Buettell who lives not far from me. Today we met up to exchange the seat belt, and we both drove our ’67 Beetles. -Ryan B

NOS ’67 Beetle Front Bumper


Some people dream about the possibility of owning a piece of the titanic. I however don’t have to, as these miracles just seem to find their way to my inbox. This time, it comes in the form of a NOS ’67 Beetle front bumper, box included. This just might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks to our customer and friend, Robert Baguley for sharing from his personal collection.

A rare find, a genuine VW front bumper boxed in its original shipping box. Hidden tucked down inside one of the bumperettes is a small brown VW logo’d envelope containing the rubber grommets and mounting bolts.

My friend is a retired VW partsman and his eyes lit up when he saw it, incredibly recalling the part number by heart. What he shared was that it is a factory replacement bumper – all replacement bumpers came with black poles & brackets from the factory, unlike the silver ones that came on completed cars.