’67 Beetle Owners Manual

I receive about 2-3 emails a week asking for a copy of the ’67 owners manual. Everett over at TheSamba gets all the credit for this one. He has it scanned and available for download. If you don’t know about TheSamba, it’s a fantastic resource for everything vintage Volkswagen.

You can download the owners manual directly here.
Thanks again Everett.

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6 thoughts on “’67 Beetle Owners Manual

  1. I downloaded the ’67 owners manual and read every page last night. Fascinating. I know VW changed the valve lash from .004″ to .006″due to people not adjusting them often enough. The ’67 manual still recommends .004″. When did they change it?

    • Oscar,

      Yes, it sounds like it’s a ’68. You can also tell by the bumpers and fenders. Email me if you’d like and I can tell you for sure.

  2. Thanks for sharing the manual, much appreciated! Any ideas where to buy new saftey belts for my ’67?
    Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark

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