Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle Twins

Zenith Blue ’67 Beetle Twins

Larry Pittman’s L639 zenith blue ’67 Beetle was showcased here at 1967beetle.com a little over a year ago. He just sent this photo over, and I thought everyone would enjoy the story of two L639 zenith blue ’67 Beetle twins.

“Greetings from Texas! I hope all is well with you and yours. I thought you might be interested in this. Today we went to a show/meet in Houston at VolkzGear. We pulled up in our Zenith blue ’67 and saw a “twin” Zenith blue ’67 sitting there. It is owned by David Saucier of the Bay Area Volkswagen Club in the Houston, TX area. We had to take some pics of them side by side. Great fun!

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  1. My dad bought a zenith blue 1967 new and now that he is gone I am doing a pan off restoration. So I have the original black and yellow plates from California. Nice pictures and cool site

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