For Sale — ’67 Beetle Paint Code Decals

For Sale — '67 Beetle Paint Code Decals

Now available - ’67 Beetle Paint Code Decals. Correct to German factory color specifications, these metallic silver decals were designed and produced exclusively for on a commercial quality printer. They match the original in every aspect. These decals mount under the washer bottle of your vintage pride and joy.

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’67 Sedan and Vert colors

L41 Black - Schwarz L41
L282 Lotus White - Lotosweiß L 282
L456 Ruby Red - Rubin L 456
L518 Java Green - Javagrün L 518
L620 Savanna Beige - Savannenbeige L 620
L633 VW Blue - VW-blau L 633
L639 Zenith Blue - Zenitblau L 639
L19K Yukon Yellow - Yukongelb L 1009
L54 Poppy Red – Mohnrot L 54

A lot of research was done to find the correct German color translation as well as typography. You can see a full design study below. A huge thanks to the ’67 Volkswagen community for their contributions to my research.

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Design and Typography study

For Sale — '67 Beetle Paint Code Decals

The Finishing Touches for Your Vintage Volkswagen™

25 thoughts on “For Sale — ’67 Beetle Paint Code Decals

  1. Finally! Someone made these decals! I have never in my 45 years of working on VWs, been able to figure out why there were no aftermarket vendors for these. I saw a couple of false starts and promises on The Samba but none were ever correct or were just never offered. Now if you offered 66 VW colours I would really be happy. Thanks

  2. I ordered my Decal tonight, hoping to be first in line. Turned out that I was 5th. I am eager to receive mine and get it applied. My original sticker is in shambles. Thanks, Eric, for thinking of this and for going all the way with the project! jay

  3. I have a silly question. Were there other colors available for 1967 convertibles? I have one, but it’s more of a red/orange color. I call it Poppy Red. We have looked in tight areas to see if it was a color change, but it does not look like it is. It is an original color to the car from what we can see. What are your thoughts?

    • Rachel,
      Thanks for asking. I was waiting for someone to chime in and wonder. There were a few colors I left off in the Convertible space, mainly Fontanna Grey and Poppy Red. Yukon Yellow was the only color a ’67 Vert could be purchased; that is, stock from the dealership. From my VW literature, a ’67 Vert could be special ordered whatever someone wanted. However.. So, to longer answer your question, it comes down to cost to produce these and how many I might actually be able to sell. If there is enough demand, I’ll do them in the future for sure. The correct color info for L54 Poppy Red is Mohnrot L 54.

    • Hello, Rachel…thank you for turning to! I want to pose a question before I go further. Is the color sticker not in the spare tire well of your car? If not, that might be an indication that the car was prepped for painting and was completely repainted. Otherwise, why would the sticker not be present? I think that we need to ask ourselves these questions when we see deviations from the “normal” Having said that, some tell us that a buyer could special-order a Convertible to be painted in a VW color of his choice. There seems to be no guideline regarding this practice nor how unlimited the color-choices might have been. Hopefully your question will generate interest and someone who has verifiable experience will come forward. So, stay in touch, please! jay

      • Hi Jay,
        Thank you for your input. This car was restored about 7 years ago. I spoke to the guy that restored it. According to him, he painted the car
        with the closest color paint to the original he could find. In working on the car, we searched where the top hardware attaches and deep in the nooks and crannies and could only find the Poppy Red color anywhere. So, yes, the decal is gone for whatever reason. I suppose my car could have been a special order. Now I am really curious, so I think I will order a birth certificate. Keep you guys posted!

        • Rachel,
          No problem. I was just getting information from my vendor about the cost to produce both of the decals I left out. I’m sure more will chime in, so I’ll more than likely be producing these in the very soon future. I signed you up for the ’67 Beetle alerts, so you will be notified as soon as they are for sale. Thank you for the support of

    • Hi, Wayne–thank you for stopping by! As far as we can tell (combined research of several individuals and entities) Fontana Grey/Gray was not a color for the ’67 Beetle Sedan that was destined for US consumption through the regular dealership distribution. I hesitate to say that I have not seen it and therefore it ain’t so–because I have NOT seen it all! LOL. Perhaps this comment will serve to nudge someone to come forward with information. Until then…stand by! jay

  4. Thankyou … I have a project that may have been black (it has been stripped by the PO).. because the flaws (and there are a few) would show up so much I was looking for a lighter color that was a 67 color. The int I think was red.. I already have a toga white/red int so was looking for something I could do the red int with..

    • Hello, Wayne…I think that any flaws in a car’s body will show when painted. My preference would be to repaint the car the original color and do the interior also according to the original. If you want to use red-white interior, you are pretty well stuck with either a black, red or a white car, I think. But, then, if you are not going original anyway, you have a wide color choice available. jay

  5. also seems that depending on year, sticker manufacturer, etc sometimes the first letter was not caps, sometimes all letters were caps, sometimes all bold, sometimes none bold, silver sticker or silver metallic!
    I make many too, and always hear about it!

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